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Mahua Moitra Gets Eviction Notice For Government Bungalow After Losing Lok Sabha Membership

Mahua Moitra, the prominent leader of the Trinamool Congress, is set to make an appearance at the Delhi High Court regarding an important matter. Moitra is in the spotlight as she contests the government’s notice to vacate the bungalow she was allocated as an MP, which came with the threat of force if she refused to comply. Her recent removal from the position of Lok Sabha MP due to allegations of unethical behavior has only added to the tension. To contest the eviction, Moitra has chosen to file a writ suit with Justice Manmohan’s esteemed court. Look over the entire article through the end of this.

According to Ms. Moitra’s legal representatives, she is currently in the running for the Lok Sabha elections. As per their statement, Members of Parliament have the right to remain in their residences from the final day of the Parliament session before a general election until the day of the election results. The argument put forth is that since Ms. Moitra has been declared as a candidate, this prerogative should also extend to her. However, the Central government has issued a formal notice to Ms. Moitra, ordering her immediate eviction from the bungalow. Go below to continue the reading.

The Directorate of Estates recently issued a stern notice, warning Ms. Moitra and other tenants who refuse to vacate their bungalows that they will be forcibly removed from the property. According to the government, Ms. Moitra has been given ample time to comply but has failed to provide any evidence to support her claim that she is not an unauthorized resident. Before this, Ms. Moitra had approached the high court, which directed her to seek temporary permission from the Directorate of Estates to continue occupying the bungalow. Let’s read the whole article for not to miss any information.

Despite being able to withdraw her petition, Ms. Moitra did not receive any comment on the court’s opinion regarding her case. The eviction order stated that she would be responsible for paying damages each month if she decided to challenge the notice in court. Currently residing in a bungalow on Telegraph Lane in Delhi, Ms. Moitra was served a notice by the Directorate of Estates on December 11, shortly after being removed from her role as an MP. The notice requested that she vacate the property by January 7. Be with this article till the end.

Earlier, Ms. Moitra had requested an extension until the upcoming Lok Sabha elections this year, citing potential harm to her campaign if she were to lose her government housing. However, following a Parliamentary panel’s investigation which found her guilty of unethical conduct for accepting expensive gifts from a businessman and sharing her Parliament login details with him, Ms. Moitra was dismissed from the Lok Sabha in December. As a result, the court ruled that residents could now reside in government housing for more than six months, based on the merits of each case, and permitted Ms. Moitra to retract her petition. Continue for further details.

Mahua Moitra, a prominent member of the Trinamool Congress Party, has been suspended from her parliamentary duties in light of the cash-for-questioning scandal. She has taken a bold stance against the notice she received to vacate her government bungalow and the threat of force if she refuses. She plans to challenge these actions in the Delhi High Court today, with the support of her legal team. They will argue that as a nominated candidate for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Mahua should be allowed to remain in her government residence. Swipe it down if you want more information.

A prominent government property management organization boldly threatened to forcibly remove Mahua and any other occupants from her home if they refused to vacate on their own accord. Despite her previous legal efforts, the High Court had only granted a temporary stay in her house. This decision was made taking into consideration the special regulations allowing individuals to reside in government bungalows for a designated period in exchange for a monetary fee. According to the government’s notification, Ms. Moitra had been given ample opportunity to prove she was not an unauthorized occupant but failed to provide sufficient evidence. Keep reading for more information.

After being ousted from the Lok Sabha, Mahua Moitra reluctantly packed her bags and prepared to vacate her government bungalow on Telegraph Lane. However, just a month later, on January 7, she was served an eviction notice. Undeterred, Moitra pleaded for more time to stay in her home until she could participate in the upcoming general election. Her legal team even argued before Justice Manmohan that as a Member of Parliament, Moitra was entitled to remain in her residence from the last day of the Parliamentary session before the election until the results were announced. Stay tuned for more latest news updates.

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