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86% Drop In Indian Students Going To Canada Amid Political Row

A top official from Canada has informed Reuters that the amount of study permits awarded to Indian students has dramatically decreased in recent months. One reason for this decline is due to India’s expulsion of Canadian diplomats responsible for handling these permits. Additionally, there has been a decline in the number of Indian student applications, likely due to a diplomatic dispute over the death of a Khalistani terrorist in Canada. Immigration Minister Marc Miller has stated that there is no indication of a significant rise in study permit approvals for Indians shortly. Look over the whole article.

86% Drop In Indian Students Going To Canada Amid Political Row

Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, revealed that Indian officials were involved in the death of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a Khalistani militant, in June, which has caused friction between the two nations. Miller also forecasted that this tension would limit the number of applications processed from India. He stated that due to the strained relationship with India, Ottawa will not be able to process as many applications as before. This has been exacerbated by New Delhi’s orders for Ottawa to remove 41 diplomats from India, which represents two-thirds of its workforce, in October. Swipe down to get more details.

According to a spokesperson from the Indian government, the current unrest has led to a growing interest among Indian students to pursue opportunities for studying abroad. As evidence, data from the last quarter of the previous year showed a significant 86% drop in study permits issued to Indians, with only 14,910 permits being granted compared to the previous quarter’s 108,940. Further emphasizing the appeal of studying abroad, Gurus Subramanian, counselor for the High Commission of India in Ottawa, revealed that some Indian international students are exploring their options due to concerns expressed by Canadian universities regarding insufficient residential and teaching facilities.

86% Drop In Indian Students Going To Canada Amid Political Row

Currently, Indians make up the largest group of foreign students studying in Canada. By 2022, it is estimated that 41% of all permits, or 225,835 students, will be granted to Indian students. This information has been confirmed by Miller, who expressed that he is unable to foresee the outcome of the diplomatic relationship, especially if the police decide to press charges. Unfortunately, I do not have much hope in this situation. The slowdown caused by the pandemic will have a significant impact on Canadian universities, as they heavily rely on the roughly C$22 billion ($16.04 billion) in revenue brought in by international students annually. Let’s be with this through the end of this article.

In June, Canada publicly acknowledged receiving “credible” reports linking the death of Najjar in a Vancouver suburb to Indian espionage, despite the Indian government’s denial of the charge. Despite this, Canadian authorities have not taken any legal action in response to the incident. In addition, the Canadian government has been taking steps to reduce the number of foreign students entering the country, citing the ongoing housing shortage as a contributing factor. According to Miller, the sheer volume of students arriving has become a major challenge and needs to be significantly reduced within a short time frame. Go below to know more about this news.

According to Miller, the government is considering implementing further measures, potentially including a limit, to decrease the number of foreign students in the first half of this year. As Canada offers a relatively straightforward process for obtaining work permits after graduation, it has become a popular choice for international students. Miller also mentioned that the government intends to crack down on “fly-by-night” universities, or designated learning institutes that do not meet standards. However, there are concerns from the food service and retail industries that the government’s potential restrictions on off-campus work for foreign students could lead to a shortage of workers. Continue for more information.

In 2023, the government anticipated a significant increase in the number of foreign students studying in Canada, estimating a staggering 900,000 individuals. This number, according to Miller, is three times higher than figures from a decade ago. A noteworthy 40% of these students were reported to be from India. While there was a decrease of 4% in work permits granted to Indian students last year, they still constituted the largest group. However, the impact of this decline was grave, with the number of study permits issued to Indian students plummeting from 108,940 to a mere 14,910 in the previous quarter, marking an alarming 86% decline. Keep up reading.

According to C Gurusubramanian, a counselor with the High Commission of India in Ottawa, concerns surrounding living and academic amenities at certain Canadian universities have prompted Indian students to explore alternative options. Minister Miller does not foresee a significant increase in the number of study permits issued to Indian students. The statement made by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in June, blaming the Indian government for the murder of Nijjar in British Columbia, sparked a diplomatic dispute. Stay tuned for not to miss any latest news updates from your eyesight.

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