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How To Play Palworld Multiplayer With Friends: How To Join A Dedicated Server To Play With Friends

Julia Lee has become a renowned author in the world of video games, known for her expertly crafted guidebooks for popular titles such as Genshin Impact and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Her undeniable expertise and dedication to the industry led to the founding of The Rift Herald in 2016, a major milestone in her career. One of Lee’s latest projects, Palworld, has caught the attention of gamers worldwide with its mix of survival crafting and Pokémon-like elements. Continue for more information related to gameplay.

Although Palworld’s progression system is designed for solo play, it can be challenging to strike the right balance when playing with others. Additionally, Palworld does not offer PvP gameplay, which can be seen as a limitation. However, despite these drawbacks, playing with multiple players can greatly enhance the fun and excitement of the game. In this section, we will delve into the intricacies of the multiplayer and cross-play features. You have two options for playing with others: either join a dedicated server with a maximum of 32 players or host a game for up to four players with a personal save file. Let’s look over the entire article till the end.

To join a private game, simply use the invite code found in the host player’s settings. If the code is not readily available, the host can easily enable the multiplayer option in the world settings. Remember, every time you launch a new session, you will need to share the invite code with your friends as a new one will be generated. When it comes to hosting, you have several options–you can set up your server, enlist the services of a hosting website, or join one of the Palworld public servers for a dedicated gaming experience. I find joining a public server to be the most straightforward and hassle-free approach. Swipe down for more detail.

If you’re not keen on participating in four-player sessions, your best bet is to utilize Steam as it currently offers dedicated servers. However, it’s important to note that multiplayer functionality differs significantly from the standard game mode. Here are some noteworthy variations to keep in mind:
1. To defeat imposing tower bosses like Grizzbolt and Zoe, players must band together.
2. Similar to parties, guilds are exclusive groups where only members can collaborate on building and defending bases. Friends who wish to create their unique bases will strive to join your esteemed guild.
3. Sadly, when a player perishes, their equipment and companions will also be lost.
4. Travelling internationally in the game is a solitary experience. Each player must explore the map individually and uncover fast-travel locations.
5. Loot found within the game is unique to each world, adding an extra layer of excitement and challenge for players.

Furthermore, it is essential to mention that our dedicated server has experienced some unusual hiccups that were not present when playing solo. We are uncertain whether these issues are connected to the multiplayer feature or the server itself. These complications include building structures with incorrect item quantities and the inability to smoothly jump off cliffs, requiring a gradual ascent. Keep reading so as not to miss anything.

Given that Palworld is still in its early access stage, encountering a few glitches is to be expected. Unfortunately, cross-play between the Steam and Xbox versions is not an option at this time. Additionally, there is no cross-play compatibility between the PC version of the game and the Stream version for those accessing the game through Xbox Game Pass. To play with friends, you will need to buy the game on either Steam or Xbox. Let’s be with this article through the end of this article.

Stay tuned as Pocketpair is currently striving to make this a reality at the earliest opportunity, as stated in their FAQ section. In the same FAQ, the developers at Pocketpair assure that they will take this into account during the development process, but have no current intentions of releasing the PlayStation 5. For those new to Palworld, a beginner’s manual and type chart are readily accessible. And for those ready to take on the first tower boss, a comprehensive guide awaits. Continue with reading of reading for not to miss anything.

If you want to team up with friends and build a base together in Palworld, you must join their Guild. When the opportunity presents itself, reach out to another player and request to join their Guild so you can all be a part of the same one. Keep in mind that Palworld is in its early-access stage, so certain multiplayer elements will be implemented in future updates. Also, expect the developers to address any server issues and fix bugs to enhance the multiplayer gameplay in the future. Stay tuned for not to miss any latest news updates.

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