Flight Returns To Tokyo After ‘Drunk’ American Citizen Bites Crew Member

An All Nippon Airways spokesperson revealed that a passenger who was heavily intoxicated caused an alarming disturbance on a U.S.-bound flight. According to the spokesperson, the individual bit the arm of a female flight attendant mid-flight, and as a result, the pilot had to turn the plane around and make an emergency landing back at the Tokyo airport. Despite being asked, the spokesperson declined to disclose the suspect’s identity during their statement to NBC News on Thursday. Let’s continue for more details.

At precisely 9:24 p.m., ANA Flight 118 successfully departed from its departure point. The flight, which was expected to arrive in Seattle after a ten-hour journey, was meticulously tracked by the flight monitoring company FlightAware. However, the flight encountered an unexpected turn of events and aborted its trip, landing back at Tokyo Haneda Airport at 12:26 a.m. after just three hours of flight time. The data further reveals that the flight was scheduled to land in Seattle at 7:24 a.m. (ET), but instead landed back in Tokyo at 10:26 a.m. (ET). Swipe down to get more information.

Recently, an incident on an ANA flight resulted in a female flight attendant sustaining minor injuries. The airline acted quickly, handing over the alleged suspect, a 55-year-old American, to the police on assault charges. Reports from anonymous police officials, published by the Asahi Shimbun, detail the situation. This is not the first time in-flight assaults have occurred. Just a few months prior, in July 2022, a passenger on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Charlotte, North Carolina, lashed out at flight attendants, physically striking, biting, and spitting at them. Keep reading for not to miss anything important.

The Federal Aviation Administration has made it abundantly clear that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated. In a similar event that occurred the same month, a woman exhibited physical aggression on a Delta Air Lines flight from Las Vegas to Atlanta by biting a fellow passenger and attempting to hug and kiss others. The FAA handed out the highest fines ever recorded in the United States – $81,950 and $77,272 – for these acts of misconduct. Another incident in May 2017 at a North Carolina airport resulted in the detainment of a man who allegedly tried to bite a flight attendant before attempting to jump off the plane. Be with this article through the end.

Earlier this month at Haneda Airport, also known as Tokyo International Airport, a tragic collision occurred between a Japan Airlines aircraft and a Coast Guard aircraft. This resulted in the loss of five lives on the Coast Guard aircraft, despite the evacuation of all 379 passengers and crew members. Another incident occurred at New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido, Japan, where a Korean Air aircraft clipped a Cathay Pacific aircraft, fortunately causing no injuries. The same month, aboard a Delta Air Lines flight from Las Vegas to Atlanta, a disturbing altercation unfolded. Look over the entire article carefully.

The FAA reported that a woman on a flight repeatedly bit one passenger and tried to hug and kiss another. As a result, she was fined a whopping $77,272, setting a record for the highest fine ever given by the FAA for such behavior in the US. While the man involved has not been identified by officials, Kyodo News revealed that he denied any wrongdoing and attributed his actions to the effects of a sleeping pill. All Nippon Airways stated to multiple media outlets that the detained individual was visibly inebriated and behaving recklessly, posing a danger to both the flight crew and fellow passengers. Continue for more information.

Despite the alarming nature of the incident, the airline assured that all passengers were unharmed. The rescheduled flight was set to depart from Haneda Airport later that Wednesday. In a statement, the airline pledged to prioritize the wellbeing of its passengers and staff. Any incidences of biting involving individuals on commercial flights could result in serious legal repercussions. As reported by The Guardian in 2022, the US Federal Aviation Administration imposed record-setting fines for disruptive behavior on aircraft. Let’s be with this article for to not miss anything.

Japanese aviation has been making headlines for more than just the recent biting incident. According to the news portal, there have been a couple of other notable incidents. On January 2, a Japan Airlines flight collided with a coast guard plane at Haneda airport, causing a horrific fire. Tragically, five Coast Guard members lost their lives, but miraculously the 379 passengers and crew on board the Japan Airlines flight were unscathed. In another incident just a few days later at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, an All Nippon Airways jet struck a Delta plane with its wingtip. Stay tuned to our esteemed news website for not to miss any latest news updates from your eyesight.

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