E Jean Carroll testifying at Trump defamation trial, once again

During her testimony today, E. Jean Carroll, the author, expressed that her reputation was utterly destroyed by former President Donald Trump’s remarks. This took place in a New York courtroom, where Carroll is currently suing Trump for defamation after publicly sharing her experience as a sexual assault survivor in the mid-1990s. Trump had met with Carroll in person to discuss the allegations, and today she spoke about the damaging effects of his continuous and false accusations that she had fabricated her story. Keep reading if you don’t want to miss any information on this news.

Despite numerous accusations of sexual assault and deceit against Trump, when a woman speaks out, she is often met with criticism. Yet, here she sat, a mere thirty feet away from the very man who had publicly attacked her, bravely recounting his hurtful words from television interviews, social media posts, campaign rallies, and even the White House. And with her legal team by her side, Carroll watched as Trump’s own words and the vicious backlash from his followers were presented in court. It was clear that the alleged assault in a New York department store during the 1990s held no relevance in this case. Be with reading till the end.

Last year, a prior trial in May found Trump responsible for the incident. This ongoing case revolves around defamation and was sparked by Carroll’s initial promotion of her book in June 2019. In her book, Carroll anticipated Trump’s assertion that their relationship was consensual, rather than denying its existence, claiming ignorance of her, or deeming her a liar. This aligns with his previous statements as president, warning others to tread carefully in such “dangerous territory”. Let’s continue not to miss any single piece of information.

After being bombarded with a barrage of insults, branding her as both unattractive and old, Carroll asserted that she was blacklisted from her column, lost freelance opportunities, and struggled to even leave her bed on certain days. She declared that her once pristine reputation as a journalist and advice columnist had been irreparably tarnished. The fear of potential harm loomed over her every day. When her lawyer, Roberta Kaplan, asked when the onslaught of attacks had ceased, Carroll responded with a resounding, “They never have.” She disclosed that the threats had persisted since Trump’s initial 2019 comments, and some were too reprehensible to even mention on air. Look over the whole article.

Carroll’s legal team was met with multiple objections as they listened to Trump’s continuous commentary during her testimony. One attorney, Shawn Crowley, spoke up, recalling Trump’s declaration of the investigation being a “witch hunt” before lunch. The judge, Lewis Kaplan, responded by reminding Trump’s attorney that his client had the right to be present but warned that if he became disruptive, that right could be taken away. Trump retorted that the judge was also unable to resist, to which the judge responded that he was capable of doing so. Swipe down for any more information.

During the cross-examination, Alina Habba, the lawyer representing Trump, insinuated that Carroll was receiving both positive and negative feedback regarding her book and that she enjoyed the attention it brought her. Their top priority is to minimize any damages. Carroll alleged that Trump once again made the false claim that her story was fabricated shortly after the previous court date. Tomorrow, Carroll and other witnesses are set to undergo further questioning, while Trump is not expected to make an appearance until Monday. However, the plaintiff did present a video of Trump discussing the events that occurred last May on CNN, immediately after the verdict of the first trial. Be with this article through the end.

The defense argued that Carroll’s decision to publicly accuse Trump and pursue legal action was driven by “political motives.” During cross-examination by Birnbach, the defense highlighted comments made by Carroll about Trump on podcasts and social media, which aligned with her testimony. Additionally, Dr. Leslie Lebowitz, a clinical psychologist serving as the plaintiff’s expert witness, concluded that Carroll had experienced harm as a result of Trump’s alleged assault, bringing an end to the day’s testimony. Continue for more detail.

The nine-person jury, comprised of three women and six men, is currently engaged in deliberation over Carroll’s battery and defamation claims, and determining the potential amount of monetary damages. This marks Carroll’s second lawsuit against Trump regarding her allegation of rape. If Trump is deemed to have acted as an agent of the federal government, the U.S. government would step in as the defendant in the lawsuit, effectively ending the case. This trial is taking place amidst Trump’s third presidential campaign and amidst some legal issues surrounding the Jan. 6 Capitol attack, his handling of classified information post-White House departure, and potential consequences. Stay tuned for not to miss any updates.

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