The news Zomato board of directors approved the acquisition of a speed online grocery store Blinkit which was formerly known as Grofers mainly in the news for its fast and quick process in delivery at any place it is ordered as the business is growing very fast with its key term of providing grocery within a blink of time and it is targeted by the same kind of startup. which also came to market recently as joines the online delivery of food items but also promises the delivery in a given time, not like Blinktit facility of providing the grocery in a matter of seconds, and here below is acquisition details, continue reading below. Follow More Update On


In a process of acquisition of Blinkit (Groffers) by the E-Commerce delivery platform zomato which provide food items for all kind of food stores and outlets at home, this is a delivery chain that will ease the availability of food at the desired place in the area covered by the company and the deal happens as the value is concluded in terma of shares and zomato took over all stoke deal with Blinkit, at the recent board meeting, where executive officials of both the business are present according to predicted news that the deal come to happen finally.

As this will happen is already predicted long back as seeing the market condition experts It will help quick-growing startup strengthen and increase its influence on online digital fast delivery market now provider with more space to perform operations. With the acquisition of Blinkit, an E-commerce quick divert platform is dominating over the competition in the market with its ultra-fast delivery terms and proving to be on its terms as Zomato food chain come to discuss the terma with Ultra fact delivery platform Blinkit (Grofers) negotiated the deal for a final price RS to 4447 crores or USD570 million which is very less as earlier it was valued with a price much higher than this and due to market crash and low financial availability this deal is ceased by zomato as cost for 43%  below then its last year as it was valued  1 billion last year.

Blinkit becomes a unicorn in 2021 as appreciated on the list of companies value ladder of USD 120 million,  its funds came in from two sources as funding is done by Zomato and Tiger Global as tomato said they will acquire 33018 equity shares of Blinkit E-Commerce PVT LTD formerly known as Groffers India. PVT LTD. the total purchase considering Rs 44474784078 at a price of Rs 1346986.01 per equity share and allotment of Rs 628530012 fully paid-up. An equity share has a face value of Rs 1 each,  Zonato starter to approach for talks on the acquisition of the Blinkit (Groffers) in April 2020, and in June 2021, Grofers rise to a value of 120 million, a high prised zone which Zomato and tiger global needed to join together and both become a union acquired the Blinkit.

Zomato Founder and CEO, Deepinder Goyal issued an official letter to shareholders saying the quick E-Commerce platform has been outstanding in growth and priority since last year, as the Groffer grows rapidly both in India and also making good business Globally. the customers have found great value in quick delivery of Blinkit ( Groffers ), as both businesses match the way in business operations and both are businesses are delivery based is the vibe giving Zomato a sign acquisition Grofers will grow the business, they join the next league of timely and speedily providing this Groffers technique into there business model also, as Zomoto will speed up in the operations and enhance the profits, and the online platform’s app of both will exist separately.


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