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What Happened To ZillaKami Teeth? American rapper Teeth Details!


What Happened To ZillaKami Teeth? American rapper Teeth Details!:  There is a picture of a rapper that has been getting viral all over the web. And his fans are so shocked to see him like this that they are now also getting impatient to know, what has happened to him? In the article below we will be going to tell you the reason behind his injured face. So let’s not delay anymore and get into the article below. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

ZillaKami Teeth

Who is ZillaKami? Real Name

Zillakamki Alias Junis Roger is a well-known and highly popular rapper whose name is scattered all over the web now. As his face is injured, and they are eager to neo the reason behind his injured teeth. He is the rapper and the lyricist. Other than this he is best known as the here of hip-hop group, and city Mourge. He has been given many hits in his carer and there are many albums of him this received lots of love from the audience and his lovers. Here are the singes of him which get hit including As Good As Deda, German Dogs, Dog Boy, and many more are to be listed here.

What Happened To ZillaKami Teeth?

In a viral picture of him, we can see that his teeth are bleeding and his fas are so shackled to see him in this condition. So here are several of the claims released by his fans that he might have been involved in a fight. And he got injured in this, but these aren’t confirmed yet.

But her is something which has been unveiled by @bcdvibes, Zillakami said that “his face was hit on the handlebars and one of his teeth chipped off and it is his upper incisor teeth.” He covered his teeth with some of the unique accessories. He also used the metal plates and grills to hide the clipping and after this, he looks so savage.”

You may also visit his Instagram account and his handle is @zillakami and there he has 755k followers. His account is jammed up with numerous pics. The incident happened to him while he was in his teenage. Whares he has numerous pf tattoos on his face and even on his body too. He has a deadlocks hairstyle. At the left side of his head, he has been inked the God sign.

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