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Zack Bonfilio From Texas – Misfit Patriot and Loner Patriot 3.0 TikTok Drama Explained


Zack Bonfilio From Texas – Misfit Patriot and Loner Patriot 3.0 TikTok Drama Explained: Zack Banfilio is the man who was on the Tik Tok. And this is the news about the suspension of his Tik Tok account. He uses the account to post his videos on it. He used to indulge in the most irritating comments from the users on the same app. This behavior of him has been making the Tik Tok authorities come in the action and this account of him gets restricted. Now let’s jump into the article and know what is going to happen next.
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Zack Bonfilio From Texas

Zack Bonfilio From Texas

Zack use to be involved in the most pedophilic comments with the Tik Tok users. He uses these comments for the Modern Warrior who is also a TikTok And after this, his account has been restricted from the Tik Tok. The Warrior is an advertiser and he uses his Tik Tok account for the advertisements also whereas Zack uses the same foundation of him so that different issues could be discussed. And discussed issues that are being faced by the commoners and the local people. Jow let’s get into this most and know what exactly happened.


Misfit Patriot and Loner Patriot 3.0 TikTok Drama Explained

Zack is a worker and he is doing a job at “Tile And Remodeling San Antonio”. And as per the sources, he might the owner of the proprietor of the same organization He is also a Misfit Patriot 3.0 client and his name real name is Zachary Bonfilio. Due to his comments, he has been marked as a bigot on the internet. Then there are numerous netizens who are completely against his actions on the web and the comments he made on the other Tiktokers. Out of them, there is netizen Cindy Bronson who made an action and went against the comments used by Zack from other users of the video streaming app.

This dramatization has been seen when the Misfit Patriot 3.0 had been slammed, Modern Warrior. He goes so outspoken about the issues faced by the locals from the lockdown. After this netizens took to Twitter and they are talking and discussed the same topic by giving their different advice. Zack is on Instagram also and you may also be going to check his account there. He has been uploaded reels also. The handle of his is @themisfitpatriot3.0 and this also looks like that the record hasn’t gone to be active now.

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