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Yuvraj Apologizes for His Comment on Yuzvendra Chahal!


A controversy on Yuvraj started once again as he made the casteist comment on another Indian cricket team player Yuzvendra Chahal during a live Instagram video chat with Rohit Sharma. The thing was started with a funny note but the way it ended were quite scary for the former cricket player Yuvraj Singh. The cricketer said that he might have “unintentionally” hurt the public sentiments of the people.

The Indian cricket players are talking to each other on the video call during the lockdown. The Instagram live sessions were made for fun but things went south when the former cricketer Yuvraj Singh has made the offensive comment about Chahal while talking about his regular social media posts. Overall, it was okay but then an advocate from Hisar filed a case against the player in Police station and now the former world cup hero has to apologize.

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Yuvraj wrote, “I understand that while I was having a conversation with my friends, I was misunderstood, which was unwarranted. However, as a responsible Indian I want to say that if I have unintentionally hurt anybody’s sentiments or feelings, I would like to express regret for the same.”  Also, he added, that he wants to clarify that he himself never believed in the disparity of any kind from the basis of caste, color, creed, or gender.

In the end, we have reported that the Chahal has shared nothing about this controversy and he is silently happy in his life. You all might already know that the Chahal is one of the best Indian spinners in the team. He has made his name vie to share the videos on social networking app TikTok. He usually adds up his family members on the video he makes. He is also known for his exclusive talking behavior in the team.

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