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YouTube Working on Expanding its Recommendation Feature


Google-owned YouTube has been busy testing a new video recommendation format which will display blue bubbles on the screen that will show relevant keywords as well as related topic suggestions, facilitating easier browsing. 

On Tuesday, The Verge reported– “The screenshots obtained indicate that these blue bubbles which are underneath the video player how more specific video recommendations.

The report suggested that the video-sharing platform has been currently testing the feature with some users on its main desktop page as well as on the mobile app.

Since a long time, users have been complaining that the videos recommended on the side on YouTube’s interface most of the times have little to nothing to do with the current video, and this has made recommendations a point of contention for the platform.

The report said- “It is unclear if the videos which populate through the new recommendation bubbles will face similar algorithmic issues which the YouTube’s recommendation feed currently suffers from.

No official statements from YouTube have come out as of now. Hence it is unclear whether or not YouTube would roll out this feature to the users or it would hold back and test the feature with a bigger group in the coming months.

The company was also spotted testing video download recommendations with some users. A new report also claimed that YouTube had been testing an expansion of its Stories feature, due to which some users were seeing YouTube Stories in their Home feed which they hadn’t even subscribed to.

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