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YouTube vs TikTok fight results highlights: Netizens react on Deji vs Vinnie Hacker Fight!


The news has been trending in the news as the brother of KSI who is the person who started this trend of boxing to settle beef and after that, it has been a rollercoaster ride for the boxing sport and also for the social media content creators who have had the weirdest of collaborations together and it seems like that boxing has found a new zone to make the sport of boxing recognized all over the world.

YouTube vs TikTok

YouTube vs TikTok fight results highlights

This is something that has benefitted the sport of boxing and all of the influencers have also benefitted from this beef as they have managed to gain a lot of following because of the event and also they have been earning big bucks because of the event.

The event that took place on 12th June was a success and it seems like that the main event that happened there was the match between Deji and Vinnie Hacker which went on as a defeat for the brother of KSI and it seems like Tik Tok is going to have the bragging rights as they are the winners of the main event but there were many other matches that took place and we are to provide you with all of the details.

Deji vs Vinnie Hacker Fight

The event took place in the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami and the event began at 8:00 pm. Deji entered the ring wearing a towel which was cut out to look like a shirt which was his way to give tribute to Mike Tyson and on the other hand there was Vinnie Hacker who was wearing shorts and a robe. At the weigh-in event,

There was some drama because of the weight as the 24-year-old YouTuber raised some concerns as he was looking a lot heavier at the time of the weigh-in, many people were pretty shocked after the result as the match went on for 3 rounds, the match was scheduled for 5 rounds but it ended earlier and Vinnie Hacker was declared as the winner of the match and that is the reason that the fans are trolling Deji,

First of all, he was not looking fit at all which made the fans question the preparation that he went through for the match as he was looking fat at the time of weight in and he has been trolled by the fans since yesterday for not taking the match seriously and they have also been stating that he went on with the match to make some big bucks and he is being criticized for not taking,

The match seriously and some of the people also noticed him crying in the corner after the match was done and dusted as he looked pretty exhausted throughout the match and it has been stated by many of the people that he should not play the sport of boxing as he is not at all serious about it and he just shows up to these matches without even preparing for the match and then he gets beaten up.

Deji vs Vinnie Hacker Fight Twitter Reaction








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