Home Technology Your Search for the Best Battery for Inverter Ends Here

Your Search for the Best Battery for Inverter Ends Here


An inverter at home or in the office is necessary considering the frequent instances of a power outage and voltage fluctuations in top-tier cities. A reliable power backup can help you continue your tasks without disruption. That’s why the demand for a top-notch inverter and the best battery for inverter has drastically increased over the years.


However, the first thought that crosses the mind while buying an inverter battery is which would be the best battery that you can solely rely upon to fulfil your house or office’s power requirements. So here we have a list of the best batteries for inverters that you can get on the market. 

These best batteries for inverters use advanced technology and are extremely safe to keep at home. Luminous is a household name offering the best battery for inverters for residential and commercial spaces. There are three different battery technologies available at Luminous- 

1. Gel Range 

With zero spills and no requirement for maintenance, gel range batteries offer a consistent power supply to appliances while protecting them from voltage fluctuations as well. 

2. Tubular Battery

Tubular batteries are designed for deep discharge applications and are suitable for areas with long power cuts. These batteries are highly reliable and durable due to their characteristic tubular plate construction. If you’re looking for a battery to support heavy-load appliances, these are a great option for you. 

3. Flat Plate Battery 

These batteries are generally lighter on the pocket and can run heavy loads for shorter durations. These batteries recharge faster, and this is what makes them a good option for areas that experience shorter but frequent power cuts.

Best Batteries for Inverter

Here are some of the best batteries for inverters by Luminous that customers can rely upon:


  1. Inverlast – ILTT 18048N

The Inverlast – ILTT 18048N comes with a 60 months warranty and operates on the tubular plate technology, and offers long backup. For the extended battery life, the ILTT 180489 battery has the anti-corrosion proprietary spine alloy and oxidation-resistant gauntlet for high-performance. It is an ideal solution if you are facing frequent power cuts and need a reliable battery that can offer a longer backup. The battery gets charged faster after the discharge and has 30% more acid volume than regular batteries with tubular technology. 

  1. Gel Battery – IGSTJ18000 

Operating with the latest gel technology, the inverter battery is maintenance-free and does not require a water top-up, unlike other batteries. The zero fumes and no spillage make the battery environment friendly and safe for the home. The battery comes with a warranty of 48 months and offers consistent power backup per discharge cycle. 

  1. Battery 150 Ah- ECO18000

The eco battery comes with a warranty of 48 months and operates on tubular technology, and is a compact smart device requiring minimum maintenance. It is an ideal solution for areas with frequent and long power cuts. The puncture resistance polyethene separator minimises the chances of internal short circuits. The battery comes with an extended warranty and gives superior performance. 

Why Buy from Luminous? 

It’s hard to survive without electricity, and having a reliable inverter battery from Luminous will make it easier for you to combat the power outage. Luminous offers extensive inverter battery options that you can pick from depending upon your power requirements. The batteries offered by Luminous are safe for the environment as well as residential and commercial spaces. 

The trustworthy brand also offers different warranty options ensuring that your product works flawlessly for a longer period as it should. You can buy the best battery for inverter from Luminous both online and offline. 

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