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Yeonmi Park Joe Rogan Australia: Joe Rogan Weighs In Australia’s Response To Covid-19 Outbreak


Joe Rogan sat down with the North Korean defector to talk about her harrowing life which she saw in the Hermit Kingdom, about the things which she faced, the things which she has endured, all of the horrors which she witnessed, and the escape which she made was nothing short of daring. the interview went on for more than three hours and it is certainly not for someone who is faint-hearted as she talks about what she has faced in detail about the details of the country which is the most secretive in the whole world.

Yeonmi Park Joe Rogan Australia

Yeonmi Park Joe Rogan Australia

In one of the sections in the interview, she spoke about the vast amounts of starvation that occurred in the part of North Korea. She stated the hardest thing for her as a child, when her mother used to go to but food, we didn’t have phones or letters, if she is going to tell her goodbye then she doesn’t know when she is going to see her again or if she is ever going to see her again. she could have been starved out or raped but she wouldn’t have known if something like this would happen which is just horrific to even hear.

She stated she has always been taught to never feel bad about all of the dead bodies which she is going to see scattered every day. she stated it became normal for her to see dead bodies on the streets every day, the bodies used to float in the rivers, train stations used to have a lot of bodies. she once saw a teen who was starving to death and was trying to fetch drinking water with his intestines hanging out from his back and he was malnourished to a point where he was probably going to die.

She stated there were dogs who were hovering around him thinking he is going to be the next meal for them. she stated she felt nothing at the time and it still haunts me to this day, she said she didn’t feel anything at the time because it was a daily thing for her to see. she further stated she went outside and was seeing dead bodies which were getting eaten up by rats as the rats were eating the eyeballs of the dead bodies which is just horrific and something which is just traumatic to see for a kid.

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