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Yellow Fungus Cases In India: What is Yellow Fungus? Symptoms, Treatment, Causes!


India is already struggling with many deadly viruses and fungus and thousands of people are losing their lives and the death rate is rapidly increasing. After the cases of Black and white fungus, another fungus named “Yellow Fungus” cases is reported in India. According to reports, this Yellow fungus is more dangerous than the rest of the two fungus.

Yellow Fungus

Yellow Fungus Case In India

Among the increasing cases of the infections of Black fungus in India, the 1st case of another fungus (Yellow Fungus) has been registered from the district of Uttar Pradesh in Ghaziabad. The patient to whom the Yellow fungus is reported is currently undergoing treatment in a private hospital of eminent Brij Pal Tyagi the ENT surgeon.

Yellow Fungus Symptoms

The symptoms of Yellow Fungus are languor, low hunger or no hunger completely and continuously losing weight. In some serious cases, this new fungus can cause discharge of pus and stilly healing of the open injury and slow healing of all injuries, organ failure, malnutrition, and sunken eyes because of inevitable necrosis. This infection is a deadly disease as it begins internally and consequently, it is necessary that the person asks for medical treatment instantly as the person finds or notice these symptoms in their body.

Yellow Fungus Treatment 

The alone treatment for this infection is the injection named “Amphotericin B vaccine” which is a wide spectrum medicine of antifungal.

Yellow Fungus Causes

This infection is particularly caused by bad cleanliness. In order to save from this infection, it is very necessary to clean out the surroundings of the house, try to clean it as much as we can and possibly for ourselves. Throw the stale food and waste matter instantly as possible to stop or prevent the extension of fungus and bacteria. In the house, the humidity is also necessary so it would be regularly at most of the times as more than can be used humidity as it can increase the extension of fungus and bacteria. The accurate humidity level between 30% to 40%. Though, it is accessible to tackle with low humidity instead of having the highest moisture.

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