Who is Yella Beezy Girlfriend or Baby Mama? Gay Rumors and Sexual Assault Explained: The Dallas Rapper is making the news headlines and also circulating on social media platforms due to some sexual allegations against him. This isn’t the first time when his name is rising in such allegations or charges. He also alleged something like this a few months also but the thing is he is dragging in the same case again. Yella Beezy is a rapper and he has a huge fan following now hs fans are getting so impatient to know more about the allegations against him.

Yella Beezy

Is Yella Beezy Gay?

So you guys are at the right place as you will going to have the complete details from this platform about the same. He is an American rapper who is well known for his songs include, including Up One, That’s On Me, Back at It Again, and Goin Through. He is a hip-hop artist and his fans are so crazy about his album these are consist of music that is highly appreciated by the audience. So he has the acquisition of Sexual harassing and raping a woman. These allegations made him be get arrested and this is the most shocking for his fans.

Yella Beezy Arrested In Sexual Assault Case

So as per the sources, he has been arrested three times for the same allegation and he still says that this is a fake accusation against him of raping a woman. He went on a date and on the first date, he raped his date, as per the charges against him. But the case is still going on and nothing is clear now. Where he was involved in it or not?


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Who is Yella Beezy Girlfriend or Baby Mama?

His girlfriend Justdeee ended a relationship with him in February 2021 and she is the CEO of the most luxurious hair brand. She is an active Instagrammer and om this she uses it to post her pictures. She has 83.2k followers on it and her feed is jammed up with numerous pictures of her.


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Many rumors are circulating on the media about Yella and that is, he is gay. But as per his profile, he has been dated numerous women in his life so this is wrong that he is gay. So as per the sources, the allegations of rap on him are all fake and there isn’t much revealed about the same. The investigation of the case is still in process and nothing has been confirmed yet.


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