In today’s episode, you will see Prisha has done the delivery and the lady is safe but the baby is not crying then her husband asks Prisha, why the baby is not crying is the baby all right or something else than Prisha got scared about the infant and she starts thinking about the last incident when she had the same situation at the time of Saransh, then she rubs infant’s chest and talks with baby suddenly the baby starts to cry and the moment become more joyful, happy and emotional, everyone got the tear of joy.

Everyone congrats Prisha for making the Delivery done, in spite of having lack of equipment Prisha give the baby to her mom, the reporter says that let’s thank DR Prisha to making this true then Prisha says that we have to Shif the baby and mom to the hospital for a check-up because the check-up has to be done because the lady who was pregnant also suffering from corona and the infant can be also positive.

Yeh Hai Chahatein

Then nurses said that in which hospital will we take her to because this hospital won’t admit the lady and the baby, suddenly the HOD comes and says that you do not need to go anywhere we will admit both, HOD states that as Prisha wanted to get a separate ward for this operation we were trying to make a special and separate ward but due to some reasons it took some time, therefore, Prisha had to do this here in this open hall, then HOD apologizes to Prisha for the inconvenience on which Prisha replied that they don’t have to apologize to her and say that if you really want to apologize then commit this to this couple who suffered a lot than anyone because the lady had the pain which you can’t even imagine.

Prisha gives a social message after that and says that we are in this together and we have to fight with the virus Covid19, not with patients. A reporter moves forward towards the doctor and ask that after this incident will Prisha and other nurses who supported Prisha be the part of the hospital or you will terminate them, HOD replied that we proud of Prisha and the team and no one is going from here. A lady who is the mother of that lady comes, the lady who was pregnant congrats her mother and say that you become Maternal Grandmother on which her mother gets so happy and says to Prisha that we have a ritual that we make the newborn baby taste honey which is a sign of happiness, then the lady says that our baby is a gist from Prisha so Prisha will do this Ritual. And they move forward to the hospital.

Unfortunately, the lady stops Prisha by saying that you can not follow this ritual. Everyone looks on the lady and asks why you are saying this, the reporter asks that Prisha gave the life to the Infant then why you are stopping here, lady replies that Prisha is an unmarried mom on which everybody looks shockingly. The lady starts to reveal the truths which should not be revealed.

Then the scene starts which is unexpected after a while Rudra Comes and tells the entire story to the lady that why she is doing this without knowing that if she does not help then she will not be the Grandmother she should be thankful for Prisha not angry. Rudra tells how hard it was to get the delivery successful and the lady starts to feel embarrassed and after a while, Prisha follows the ritual and makes the moment happier than before, everyone celebrates the moment and makes the moment more joyful, Meanwhile, the episode ends happily. watch the show and  To know more about the show stay tuned with us because we tell before the episode.


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