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Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 3 May 2021 Today Episode: A conspiracy is going to be done to separate


We are back with the written update of the Star Plus serial named “Yeh Hai Chahtein”. The episode commences with Vasudha tells Preesha that she needs to talk to her. She asks her about the matter of why Sulochana is mad at her. She says if she has any about this then she never came here. Preesha tries to make her understand that nothing is happening because of her. Vasudha says then why she was talking to her so rudely and why Yuvraj said that Ahana is his wife. She says to her that she will tell her everything.

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On the other side, Sunny comes to Rudraksh and says to him that now he will stay with him. Rudraksh unable to understand his words. Sunny reveals that Rudraksh is his father. He says to him that he finds him a lot then he gets him. He hugs him tightly. He says he got his address from the Khurana mansion. He handovers him a letter which his mother gives to him. He read that letter and gets shocked. He learned that his mother is very ill and has a very serious disease.

In that letter, it is also mentioned that his mother is going to die soon that’s why she told her about Rudraksh. Rudraksh reminisces the time when he consumed alcohol the first time and got drunk a lot. He says but he doesn’t know anything else and thinks who was with him that night. Sunny says to him that he will not tell anything about his mother. Rudraksh remembers that 3 girls were present at that party. Sunny starts crying when Rudraksh refuses to believe in him. He takes him to his home and introduces him as his friend’s son.

He says to everyone that he will stay at their house till his parent come. He thinks about Preesha that if he asks him about Sunny what will he do. On the other hand, Vasudha asks Preesha to talk to Rudraksh and try to make him believe in her. Sunny and Saaransh starts fighting for a milkshake. After that, Rudraksh calls one of his friends who were with him at the party. He tells him that 3 girls were there at the party. They called them and about the last night. At last, one girl left and he decided to make her call. Watch the full episode of “Yeh Hai Chahtein” on Star Plus at 10:30 PM. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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