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Yeh Hai Chahatein Today’s Episode Update 29th April 2021: Rudra will Get Angry


In the first scene of the episode Sulochana is seeing flaunting about her acting skills to Mishka and is asking about her acting skills to which she replied that she is not that bad wen it comes to acting and further states that She is not able to find Ahana and says that she also has a share in 500 crores. Sulochana states that they need to come up with a plan first and after that she is going to inform her after which Miksha leaves and she though to herself that Preesha underestimated Yuvraj and she has to leave the house and further confused to what Yuvraj did to that made the doctor change his statement to which he replied that he replaced the doctor and went into flashback in which he is calling Dr. Swami and is telling him that he needs a treatment from him and is asking to the doctor for an appointment so that he can get done with his treatment.

Yeh Hai Chahatein

After that he recorded DR. Swami’s voice in a voice modulator and then he was faking to be the doctor as he called Preesha and spoke with her claiming to be Dr. Swami after which he thought to himself that he is has saved Kabir and Chulochana and has trapped Preesha and thought to himself that how is she going to save herself from Rudra’s anger to which Sulochana replied that now she is aware why he is such a creep to which he replied that he indeed is one and what he has done is going to break the bond Rudra and Preesha.

In the next scene Preesha is packing her bags as she has been in instructed by Rudra to go to her parent’s house for a few days which made Sharda ask him if she is really going or not and she replies that she has to as Rudra will get angry if she doesn’t go her parent’s house. She is still confused about Dr. Swami changing his statement like that and she also stated that she is kind of sure that the doctor changing his statement has got to do something with Kabir and Sulochana after which Sharda asks to talk with Rudra once.

In the next scene Rudra is seeing punching a bag and is getting his frustration out on the punching bag regarding the statement that the doctor has given as Sonia sees him dong that and rushes towards him to stop getting frustrated and relax a little to which he replied to get away from him and tried to raise his hands on her to which she replied that hit me if you feel like, this way she’ll get to know how much he love Preesha.

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