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Yeh Hai Chahatein Today’s Episode 26th April 2021 Spoiler: Yuvraj Spoils Ahaana and Kabir’s wedding


grab the details of your favorite daily soap “Yeh Hai Chahatein” on 26th April 2021. The episode begins Sonia use to tell everything to Yuvraj while on the other side Preesha tells Yuvraj that I have messaged you as I’m free then he replies this why I’m here with you. She says well your idea is really good as you have entered from the backyard. On the there side, Kabir is ready in the groom’s attire and he fetches to his mom.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Today's Episode 26th April 2021

She is so happy and says ‘finally the day is here and you are getting married. ‘ Kabir says” yes, and we are going to be an owner of 500 crore property and I’m so excited about this. Yuvraj reaches the and tells Slochna to go and attend to the guest as I will be here to help the groom to help him to get ready. Later Yuvraj makes Kabir snell chloroform and Kabir gets unconscious. Yuvraj takes the advantage of the situation and he put on groom attire.

Preesha reaches there and she asks Yuvraj if everything is set and going according to our plan? Yuvraj replies “yes, as I’m ready and I know what will I have t do next. ” Preesha leaves there to check what’s going at the wedding spot meanwhile Sradha comes there and she stops. She says ” is that you who brings Yuvraj in the replacement of Kabir, do you even know what you have done is completely wrong and what if Rudransh get to know the truth he will not going to spare you.”

Preesha says I know but this the only way to make thongs better and in the favor of love birds as I know that Kabir and Salochan aren’t nice persons and they are getting married for the sake of money “such a big greediest they are.” Later we will see the Ahaana use to request Rudra that “I don’t want to live with Yuvraj.” Meanwhile, Kabir also reached there and he says I love Ahaana more than Yuvraj and will always going to take care of her.”

Later Kabir explains how Yuvraj locks him into the washroom. Rudransh says to Ahaana that she has to live with Yuvraj even after applying for the divorces, at least for six months. Later Rudransh and Yuvraj get into a heated argument. Ahaana leaves from there and Yuvraj uses to make things tensed for Rudransh. The episode ends.


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