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Yeh Hai Chahatein, 7th May 2021, Written Update, Preesha Hugs Rudraksha, Sunny Balmes Saransh!


The episode begins with Kabir and Yuvraj gets involved in the heated argument, while Solochna says “stop this bullshit right now.” Later Sharada aunty tells Preesha that “Rudra is angry due to you, hence only you can handle his anger.” When everyone is sitting at the dining table Rudra comes there and he uses joins them and says it is amazing to see our family sitting together.

Yeh Hai Chahatein

Rudra asks what is in the breakfast today, meanwhile, Preesha brings Aloo Pratha for him and he denies having it. Sharad says to him ‘Aloo Pratha ai your favorite dish. Rudra says ‘but I don’t want to have it. Later Solochana says that Sonia has cooked Rajma, Rudra use to have them and Preesha is getting upset seeing him having Rajma. Seeing all this Solochna feels really happy as everything is going according to her plans.

After this we will,l going to see Rudra, sunny and Saransh are playing ludo, meanwhile, Preesha comes there and she asks them what is going on here. Saransh replies “Mumma we are playing Ludo and we need one more player.” While Rudar calls Sonia to play Ludo. Later Rudr’s shirt button gets lose hence Preesha asks him to let her stitch it. Not only this we will also be going to witness that Preesha offers him a glass of juice but he refuses it and he asks for a glass of water from Sonia, his behavior makes Preesha sad and she leaves from there.

Next, we will see that Saransh goes to Preesha and he requests her to make a shake for him and says a shake for him to the swimming pool as he is going to swim. When she brings a shake for Saransh she sees that Rudra is also there and Saransh uses to push her mother in the swimming pool. After this Saransh tells Rudra that Mumma doesn’t know how to swim thus places save Mumma. Rudra uses to help her. Later Preesha and Rudra try to sort the things. The episode ends here.


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