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Yeh Hai Chahatein, 6th May 2021, Written Update, Sunny is Rudra’s Son


In the first scene of the episode, you will be seeing Sunny and Saransh who are playing with a small prototype of a helicopter as it breaks down and Sunny starts scolding Saransh for breaking his helicopter to which he says that it is not his mistake it was malfunctioning even before it got broken down as he runs towards Rudra and starts to complain about Saransh about breaking his helicopter

Yeh Hai Chahatein

After which Rudra questions Saransh that why did he take his helicopter and asks Sunny too that did he give his helicopter to Saransh to which Sunny says that he gave it to him because Preesha asked them to which she replied that she told the kids to exchange their toys in order to play with them and Saransh says that he also gave his tab to him to which Sunny replied that he didn’t break his tab though and Saransh again replied that he didn’t break his helicopter

Then Preesha says that if his son is saying that he didn’t do it then he did not to which Sulochana said that she doesn’t need to support her son to which Preesha replied that if his son is right then she is going to support him no matter who says what and Rudra says that he would have gifted a helicopter to Saransh too if she wouldn’t have interfered in between the kids and went on to say to the kids that they need to play with their own toys from now on and Preesha interfered stating

He is rather than trying to find a solution is teaching kids the wrong things as Rudra tells her not to interfere in his decisions to which she replied that she is not interfering in what he has to say but if he is going to teach something to her kid which is not even good then she is going to say something and then Vasu interferes stating that she needs to keep quiet.

Rudra takes away Sunny from there and then questions him about fighting with Saransh and tells him why does he have a problem sharing toys to which Sunny replied that it is a big issue for him and threatens Rudra that he will reveal to everyone that he is his dad if he doesn’t get him a new helicopter and Rudra says that not to behave in such manner, blackmailing his own dad is not acceptable and he needs to check his behavior or else he is going to kick him out of the house.

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