In the first scene of the episode, you will be seeing Vasu, Sharda and Preesha having a conversation as Vasu and Sharda are asking her that has she convinced Rudra to which she replies that he is busy with one of his friend’s son because of which she couldn’t talk to him to which Vasu replies that he needs to find an excuse to talk to him and settle their differences as Sharda backs her up and tells Preesha to not to delay after which Preesha leaves as Vasu hopes that they both clear the air between them and settle their differences so that they can reunite again.

Rudra is seeing calling Reema as Preesha enters the room with food after which he disconnects the call and says that he doesn’t feel like eating and tells her to take it away to which she replies that she is not that bad that he doesn’t even want to have food with her after which he shouts in anger stating that he did tell her that she should not insult his brother and mother but she continued to do so and even brought that cheap Yuvraj and has gotten her married to Ahana and further says that she still find ways to insult her mother and went on to say that she is not at all the same person that he loved once as she is standing there in despair as he says that the only reason he is tolerating her is because of maa and tells her to leave and then she walks away as she is crying and thought to herself that she is going to convince him no matter what as Yuvraj sees her coming out of Rudra’s room and thinking that his plan is working.

Saransh walks towards Preesha and tells her that he is really hungry so can he have this food to which she says agrees and let him have the food that she cooked for Rudra and Rudra starts feeling guilty that he took out his anger on Preesha because of Sunny and decides to call Preesha and tell her about Sunny but then thinks of confirming about this with Reema first as he calls Reema but her phone is not reachable so he thought of asking Sunny about his mother.

Sulochana is pretty angry as Kabir went to Goa without even informing her and is thinking that where is she going to find him and says that Yuvraj is the reason that her plan has been spoilt as Yuvraj is singing to her while saying that he just saw Preesha coming out of Rudra’s room and she was crying and tells her that their plan is working in their favor to which she gets really happy.


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