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Yeh Hai Chahatein, 16th April 2021, Written Update, Preecha calls ACP


Here we are with a written episode update of the “Yeh Hai Chahatein” on 16 April 2021. The episode begins with Harish tells Raghu that we have to finish important work and we have to leave for the after 5 minutes. Harish asks him whether he knows how to cook or not, meanwhile, Preesha says I already prepared food and her it is. Harish gets happy as he is hungry. After having food they leave the and Preesha is alone here.

Yeh Hai Chahatein

Preecha calls ACP and informs him about the rooms and their keys. Later she checks all the rooms to find a clue and proof against the culprit so that she could find Saransh but she didn’t find Saransh and Rudransh there. She also informs ACP about this. On the other side Vahsu, Gps, and Ahhana enter the Khurana house and they are in a hurry meanwhile Sharda asks them why they are here. And she also thinks that whether they know about Preesha and Saransh or not.

Later Preesha’s parents get to know the truth and they use to ask Sharda why did she lie to them. After this Sharda explains everything. She also clarifies that she didn’t know where Preesha is. While Ahaana gets worried as her plan is changing things aren’t working according to her and she uses to work on another plan against Preesha, which she uses to pressurize her assassinates to help her on the plan.

On the other side, Mahima calls Harish and asks him what’s about the plan. Later Harish and Raghu come back and they are again planning to go to another place and Preesha listening to them and they say to them “I will always come with you as you promise me that you will teach me how to work and this the only way an opportunity for me to start.” While Harish tells her to clean the mess and Preesha says okay.


Mahima calls Harish and tells him to order Briyani for her. While Preesha tries to convince them to fetch her with them as she wants to see how Mahima going to react to eating the Briyani she cooked. Later Preesha gets a call from her mom and she tells her to keep on tracking her location. And the episode ends here to watch the full episode on Star Plus.

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