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Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Jerry Confessed


In the first scene, you will see Maria stating that she’ll go to Jerry as Mahima kept on trying to stop her but she was stubborn enough at that time not to listen to anyone and started blaming her for everything after which Mahima hit her with a vase that was nearby to her. After that Mahima gave a call to CC and told her to meet in an hour for the exchange of Saransh and Rudraksha. IN the next frame you will see Jerry getting back to his senses as he had lost consciousness earlier and the nurse comes in stating that he is very lucky.

Yeh Hai Chahatein

Jerry sees Preesha coming in and he immediately apologizes to her to which Preesha replies that I’m responsible to know my duties as a doctor but me doing your operation doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten what you did to which Jerry replied that he completely agrees with her and has realized about his wrongdoings as the inspector comes in and asks him about the kidnappers.

In the next scene, Kabeer is seeing talking to CC as CC is talking about some lady with him to which Kabeer replied if she knows the name of that lady. As Sharda came in, Sulocahana alerted Kabeer by dropping a candle on the floor and she started hiding the alcohol bottle and after that, she started showing fake sympathy as she started saying that she is worried about Rudra as he is not here. Kabeer is thankful to Sulochana as she saved her.

Jerry told everything to the inspector about how he was able to help Maria and Mahima to escape from the jail. He stated that Rudra has been kidnapped by Mahima and for Rudra, in return she wants Saransh. Police and Preesha reach the location and started checking all the rooms but they couldn’t find Rudra or for that matter, they found no one in the location that they went to as the inspector questioned the location that Jerry has provided them and at that moment Preesha heard a voice coming from the cupboard and she went on to open the cupboard and she finally finds Maria.

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