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Yeh Hai Chahatein 14 May 2021 full episode written update: Saransh New Avtar!


The episode commences with Sulochana as she blames Preesha for everything. She says because of Preesha’s stubbornness, Mishka and Kabir got married without anyone’s permission. Kabir married that girl who is carrying someone else’s child as Preesha didn’t let him marry Ahana. She says that Preesha ruined her son’s life and whatever happened was just because of her. Rudraksh comes there and takes Preesha’s side. He says Mishka and Kabir are responsible for whatever happened. He says that they are not nursery kids.

Yeh Hai Chahatein

Sharda goes to Rudraksh and says to him that she is feeling really happy as he defends Preesha. On the other hand, Vasudha is trying to make Preesha understand that she should handle her family in which Mishka and Kabir are also included now. Sulochana raises her hands-on Kabir and questions him that how can he accept her with someone else’s child. She again raises her hands on him but this time, Kabir stops her and says at least listen to him once. Yuvraj tells Kabir that he ruined their whole plan. Yuvraj and Kabir get into a fight.

Mishka comes and warns Yuvraj to stop the fight or else she is calling the cops. They both stop. Mishka says to Sulochana that all her plans were utter non-sense. After that, they reveal their plan to Sulchana and Kabir that Mishka is not pregnant and whatever they have done is for taking Saaransh custody. Sulochana starts laughing and says to them that do they think that their plan gets successful. They say yes because they will show the judge that they are an ideal couple and eligible to take care of Saaransh. On the side, Preesha treis to console Rudraksh. He says to her that he got tired of all these dramas that are going on in this.

Preesha says to him that she knows what is he going through as she has never seen him in this condition. She says to him that they both will sort everything together. They hug each other. After that, Sulochana likes Mishka’s plan and agrees to support them. In the next scene, Sarah says that he will sleep with Rudraksh. Preesha agrees and says then Sunny and she will sleep together. The next morning. Saaransh gives an idea to Sunny to gift a bouquet to Preesha. He does the same but Preesha starts sneezing as she has an allergy to flowers. Sunny calls “Mumma” to Preesha.

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