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Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th May 2021 Episode Written Update: Kabir and Mishka Weddings!


The show is currently featuring an interesting twist in which Rudra’s unknown child Sunny is disturbing the married life of Rudra and Preesha and this conspiracy is created by Yuvraj and Sulochana. Preesha and Rudra trying to find about real mother of Sunny. Rudra believes that Reema is the biological mother of Sunny and in today’s episode, another twist is waiting for the audiences. The viewers will watch that Kabir is marrying Mishka.

Yeh Hai Chahatein

Let’s see what will the reaction of the family members with his big step and what new conspiracy Kabir is making in order to disturb the life of Preesha and Rudra. The episode begins with Vasu who tells Preesha that She is going on a walk along with Sharda and if she wants she can also come with her. Preesha refuses to go and says she is busy writing Sunny’s mother’s eulogy message. Sharda gets shocked and says did this occurred.

Preesha says I am really sorry I just completely forget to tell you that Reema the biological mother of Sunny has passed away due to cancer and through this eulogy message I am trying to find out her relatives and family members. Sulochana overhears their conversation and gets worried. Rudra, Saransh, and Sunny came back after playing and Saransh asks water of glass from Preesha.

When Preesha goes to the kitchen Yuvraj gives a sign to Sunny and then Sunny ran towards the dining table and cuts his finger with a knife. Preesha watches him and she ran towards him and applies a band-aid on his injuries and asks him to be careful. Yuvraj and Sulochana try to inflame Saransh and say Preesha forgot you to give the water and must be busy with Sunny.

Sunny goes to the kitchen to check Preesha and gets stunned that Preesha is feeding milk with her hand to Sunny and then Saransh asks her why you did not give me the water Preesha says she was about to come but now you already come in the kitchen so have this glass of water. Saransh angrily throws the glass and shouts at her and says now you don’t love me anymore and care about me. He goes from there and keeps crying and then Sulochana inflames him against Rudra and Preesha.

Later on, Sulochana is finding Rudra and says he is not at the home since morning and Sharda says even Mishka is also not at home. Everyone tries to call them but they are not picking the call and then suddenly Kabir and Mishka enter the home and both marries each other. Everyone gets stunned by this shocking step of Kabir and Mishka. The episode ends here we will see tomorrow that why they both get married without informing the family members?

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