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Yecenia Morales Death Video: Colombian Woman Dies In Tragic Bungee Jumping Accident, Age, Instagram Explored!


There has been a sad demise of a Colombian woman who was a bungee jumper and she has died this week as there was some communication blunder as she took off a bridge without a fastened cord which became the reason for her death, It has been stated by the Mayor of Fredonia Gustavo Guzman that she got confused as he has stated this in an interview that was taken on Sunday in Northern Colombia.

Yecenia Morales Death Video

Yecenia Morales Death Video

She came with her boyfriend to the popular spot for bungee jumping which was organized by a company naming Sky Bungee Jumping which has been stated by Newsflash, the couples were going to be 90th jumpers for the day as they approached the platform.

But things went completely wrong as the operator signaled a person which was ahead of her in the line but it seems like that she mistook the signal for herself and the young lawyer leaped off the bridge without a safety cord as she went straight down a 164 feet valley.

Tragic Bungee Jumping Accident Video

And that was the point when her boyfriend rushed down to his fallen soulmate as he was trying to perform CPR and later it was announced by the firefighters that the woman has died.


It has been stated that she might have suffered a heart attack before falling on the ground which has been claimed by the medical reports and it seems like that her boyfriend has also gotten wounded and is being treated by the medical staff and it seems like that he is in total shock because of the incident.

What Mayor Has Stated

He has summed up the situation to a complete misunderstanding as the signal was for her boyfriend who was attached with the safety cord and the harness had to be put on her but she rushed and the tragic event has taken place.

Still, there is going to be an investigation that is going to be launched as it has been stated that there are several companies in the location that are operating without a proper license and permit.

Yecenia Morales Instagram Photos

Yecenia Morales Yecenia Morales

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