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Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th August Episode Written Update: Prisha Fights To Get The Delivery Done


In tonight’s episode, you will see the starting from Rudra’s Room as the last episode. Rudra coming from somewhere then he enters his room sees Saransh is still sleeping then he also hits his bed suddenly Saransh observers that his mother got some beard though he was rubbing his hand on Rudra’s Chicks than Rudra says that Open your eyes you are sleeping with me, not with your mother then Saransh opens his eyes and realizes that he was sleeping with Rudra not with his mom Prisha.

Prisha goes to the hospital wearing PPE Kit to check that pregnant lady who is also suffering from the corona. Prisha meets the lady who is pregnant she meets the lady and asks what happened lady replied that she is having more pain and also unable to breathe and begs to her saying that please save my child at any cost. Prisha makes her calm and says don’t be scared you will be alright Prisha tries to go but suddenly the guards stop her by saying that we will not let you go because we have ordered from authority not to let you go inside with this lady her husband starts a tiff with them saying that if you don’t let us go my wife would die who will be responsible for that but guards do not let them go saying the same.Ye hai Chahtein

Prisha Slams all the nurses standing there by saying, why you guys are standing here and not doing your work you guys are making your position worst and putting a stigma on our profession why you are here if you cant do help Prisha says that she does not need this kinda team which only cares about the job, not patients. then Prisha Tries to Arrange something better so that the delivery can be done. She calls Rudra to get his help then he asks Prisha what happened Prisha elaborates on the situation but suddenly the lady starts to scream.

Prisha says to the husband of the lady that delivery has to be done at any cost and tells him that they have to make her delivery done in the hall, then she runs towards to Operation theater to fetch some needy things regarding delivery but suddenly the HOD of the hospital comes and say her not to pick any single equipment of the Hospital because it is not her property. then she goes back to the hall and tries to make her delivery possible swiftly two other nurses come wearing PPE Kit and make her realize that they are with her. Some of the reporters have been sent to the hospital by Rudra to help her. Then Episode ends with extreme suspense. Now if you guys want to know more first watch today’s episode than come back to our site if you want to know everything about your favorite daily soap. Stay tuned Come tomorrow. till then Stay Safe.

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