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Yaya Mayweather Comments On Johnny Dang For Allegedly Using N-Word In Lil Pump Video


The video of Lil Pump and Johnny Dang has made many of the people take sides as many of the people think that he has said the n word and many of the people think that he hasn’t said the N-word and Yaya Mayweather is someone is among those who are totally convinced that Johnny Dang has said the n-word in the video.

Johnny Dang

many of the people have been stating the same and have accused Johnny Dang of using the word which counts as verbal abuse and is considered to be racist if said by someone who doesn’t belong to the community.

The lyrics went like “he’s so rich man, he got–“, this is what has been said by the jeweler in that video but many of the people and Yaya Mayweather thinks that this is not the case  as they believe that he has said ” he’s so rich, my n***a.” which has made people divided about this as it has become a debate on the internet at this point that what has he said in the video and it seems like it is going to be like this for a while as no one is trying to be sensible and are having a social networking war.

She has posted a video on her insta handle stating that ” are we just going to ignore the n-word” and posted the video while stating this after which it has become a debate on the internet and people have been divided. Now many of the people have been commenting in the video that why are these guys are not being held accountable for the slip up and also dragging Lil Pump in this statement that he is a part of that video and he should also be held accountable for this.

what are your thoughts about the video, what do you think about the video, see for yourself and decide for yourself.

Lil Pump has also stated recently that a bunch of goons has tried to destroy his car as they have scratched it and have broken the mirrors and has called them out by stating that he is going to stay here for 3-4 days so whoever has done it, they can come back again as he has no problem blowing their heads off.

so it seems like that the situation has gone serious and this internet war needs to stop and if not stop then it should not reflect in the real life as that can really affect people as the accused party can be attacked by someone which will be a tragedy.

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