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Where to watch Yankee Kun And White Cane Girl Adaptation online streaming details


Where to watch Yankee Kun And White Cane Girl Adaptation online streaming details: For those who are looking for a brand new Japanese drama on the OTT platform, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we are sharing the details of a new Japanese drama titled “Yankee-Kun To Hakujou Garu” which is also known as Yankee-Kun And White Cane Girl, broadcasted in the country of Japan this month. After its release, admirers are keen to know whether the Japanese drama is accessible to watch online. Some watchers are also keen to know what is this drama about. So here we are present with some details about this Japanese drama. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Yankee Kun And White Cane Girl

Yankee Kun And White Cane Girl

This new Japanese drama “Yankee-kun To Hakujou Garu” is an adaptation of the popular manga series Yankee-kun And White Cane Girl which is written by Uoyama. The story of the plot revolves around Yukiko Akaza, who has an issue in her eye that affects her vision and ability to identify the colors. In this series, Yukiko, who is attending a high school for the blind, juts into Morio Kurokawa. Initially, she is not too eager but in the end, Yukiko falls for his attractiveness.

Where to watch Yankee Kun And White Cane Girl Adaptation online streaming 

Yankee-kun And White Cane Girl series was released on Wednesday, 6th October 2021, and is presently being telecasted on TV network NTV, which is also popularly known as Nippon TV. Japanese onlookers can watch the series online on popular streaming service Hulu as the episodes of the series are added to this platform on Wednesday after they have been broadcasted on NTV.

Unfortunately, the series is not officially accessible on Hulu outside the country of Japan, whilst overseas watchers seem to have been able to view the first two episodes of the show on a number of sites, including WatchAsian.

Yankee Kun And White Cane Girl Star Cast Of JDrama Explored 

The two main characters of the show are Morio Kurokawa and Yukiko Akaza are played by Yôsuke Sugino and Hana Sugisaki. Sugisaki is a popular face of TV as she appeared in a number of Japanese dramas, including The Girl’s Speech, Hana Nochi Hare: Hanadan Next Season, and Interrogation Room. Due to her brilliant acting skills, she won a number of awards for her imitation of Azumi Kono in Her Love Boils Bathwater (Yu Wo Wakasuhodo No Atsui Ai), which includes the newcomer of the year presented at the Japanese Academy Awards.

The name Sugino might be quite familiar to Japanese onlookers for his roles in movies Tokyo Revengers and  Girlfriend Is A Serial Killer. Not only this he also featured in many TV shows Nao-chan Wa  Shôgaku San-nensei, but My Story Is also Long, and Tokyo Kaiki Zake.

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