The technology industry and this release of new devices from the tech industry is making hype in the market. people are excited to have these gadgets as these days life is very much dependent on technical devices and people seek technical support for their daily bases work technology has become a part of daily life and people can’t survive without the technology because these days cost of the work is done by the help of devices which performs as per human needs and with ease and saves the time as human being took multiple hours to do the same work. Follow More Update On

Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2 to Lava Blaze

As recently the tech launch of multiple technology innovations and development companies have released a series of different products as these devices that is the need of the market and people are looking for and this is done on July 2022 in a tech event, and companies involved in this procedure are Xiaomi, Lava, Hisense, Aiwa and many other and the products launched includes the smartphones, televisions, and fans. As this launch in the recent month is making a hype I the  market and customers as looking for any of these types of equipment can now avail these devices for there comfort and these are based on the latest technology

The prime features and specifications of these devices are as Xiaomi smart standing fan 2 is an air-blowing fan that is equipped with 7 and 5 wings shared blades and that is revolving at a speed of 100 on point. this fan is an automated device that can be controlled by voice command, and also have manual control for the desired airspeed, and it can be regulated between 1 to 100 with the report controls of the Mi phone home application, the fan is in total 3 kg and it provides an airspeed at 20 m³/min. The smart fan is available at a price of 6999 also a discount of up to 1000 Rs is available, and it can be preordered from mi com before July 18th as it will be launched in the market then.

Aiwa also In the series and launched the new magnificent smart TV and this TV has multiple ranges in size and price as the size ranging between  32-inches and to 65-inches in size. this smart TV is high in tech and software system and it is having an android 11, google support system, and a sound bar inbuilt. The display of the TV can provide a 350 nits brightness and 1.07 billion colors. It is available at a price range of 29990 to Rs 13990. Its other features are MEMC and anti-glare.

LAVA blaze is the latest entry of smartphone that comes with a 6.5-inch display and 720 pixels.  And this smartphone is having a charging speed of 10W and is powered by the mediated hello A22 semiconductor chip, with a 5000MAH battery and camera of 13 megapixels only on the back of the phone, and android 12 is supported in the phone with 3GB RAM and 64GB storage and this phone is prices tag at Rs.8699.

The Hisense Laser TV is the latest TV with a display of  120-inch and 4K laser-featured TV that is providing support of 3000 lumens of display brightness and also has a 4K UHD video and picture clarity that is a high-quality feature. This TV is costing Rs 4,99,999 and its other features are MEMC, HDR, and a short-throw that can help the tv to be placed as close as 30cm from a wall.


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