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Xiaomi India Announces Changes In Leadership: Amidst Money Laundering Investigation


As you know, in a company every person is important. Whether it is in the department sector or in the sales director. He has to manage the company. And if he notices that one of his employees will not perform better than in the previous year. Then the CEO will leave him with two options. Either you improve yourself or find another company. The CEO wants development and did not tolerate violence of any kind inside the office. The same thing happens in MI where the company announces a new person who has assigned him the position of General Manager. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


His name is Alvin Tse. He is a member of the founding team of Xiaomi Global. He helps Poco phone to increase sales. Prior to his post, Manu Kumar Jain was working as the General Manager. He was managing everything. Like from sales to customer questions. But when the company looks at the sales sheet. They found a huge missing amount. Xiaomi India has been accused of money laundering. Something about Rs. 5551 crores were missing. No one knows where it went. The amount was huge. And it was a big shock to all that Rs. 5551 crores were missing.

The company has changed the manager so that this does not happen again in the future. However, the company was great and people would love to use this budget smartphone. Xiaomi has become the leading smartphone brand in India. Whenever people go to mobile phone to buy the phone. They would love the Mi as the phone was easier to use, more reliable, and budget-friendly. Many people will like it.

But when this incident happened many people were serious and wanted to know the reason for changing the general manager. Although he has great experience in handling customer queries and managing sales. He tweeted, “Many of you have asked me about my current role. Hope this clarifies. I moved abroad a year ago to take on a global role within the group. An exciting new journey. Congratulations to Alvin Tyce. And best wishes to the team of Xiaomi India. We want the company to rise higher and touch the sky. I will not disappoint by resigning from my post. After this tweet, many likes have been given to him. Follow this site to get stay updated.

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