Today’s match is going to be a little more favourable for the Beijing Ducks (BD). Standing with 49 points the Beijing Ducks (BD) are on the 6th position on the league’s scoreboard. Until now the team has played a total of 31 matches. Out of the 31 matches, they got the victory in 20 matches and has lost or 11 matches. In their previous match which took place on June 20, they squared off against the Liaoning Flying Leopards.

They won the match as BD’s score after the match was 91 while on the other hand the opponent was left with 82 points. Before this they had a match with Beijing Royal Fighters (BRF), the match took place on Jan 21. In this match, the team was defeated,  BD scored 92 points while BRF scored 108 points. Their match structure looks like W L W L. To maintain their presence in the league they ought to perform really good.


For all the basketball enthusiasts the CBA league has started. The next match will be between the Xinjiang against Beijing. The match will be played in China.

For the next match of the league, the Xinjiang Flying Tigers (XFT) will be squaring off against the Beijing Ducks (BD).

Match details

League: CBA league 2020
Match: Xinjiang against the Beijing
Date: Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 05:05 PM.
Venue: China

Beijing Squad

Sun Chenran, Jeremy Lin, Chou Yi-Hsiang, Wang Xu, Shuo Fang, Xiaohui Wang, Cairene Zhang, Haofeng Sun, Xiaoyu Liu, JiangPeng Duan, Ekpe Udoh, Lin Chang, Zhuo Zhang, Jiayi Li, Xiaochuan Di, Yanzi Zhu, Taruike Jianiyou, Zhao Yanmar

Xinjiang Squad

Lingxu Zeng, Xierzhati Saimati, Kelanbaike Makan, Lipeng Liu, Qi Lin, Shirelijian Muxtar, Abudurexiti Abudushalamu, Caiyu Tang, Rufukati Jiang, Changdong Yu, Liu Yunan, Lutubula Lutubula, Zhou Qi, Ziming Fan

The other team is Xinjiang Flying Tigers (XFT) in the CBA league 2020. The team has 51 points and is on the second position on the scoreboard of the league. Till now they have played a total of 31 matches. Out of the 31 matches, they won 24 matches and lost 7 matches. They played their last match on June 22 against the Bayi Rockets (BR). In this game the team BR scored 82 points whereas the XFT scored 102 points.

It was a clear win for the XFT. Before this, they had another match against the Qingdao Eagles on June 20. This game was also won by the XFT, as they had 113 points on their side which left the opponent team with 99 points. Their performance in the last five matches has been W L W L. They are on an okay position in the league. But if they want to top the scoreboard then they surely have to perform very well in this game. If they win this match they will crawl up to a better position in the league.

XFT vs BD Team Record

Xinjiang: Wins – 3, Loss – 2
Beijing: Wins – 3, Loss – 2

Both the teams have been doing somewhat well in the entire league. With this game, it will be clear that which one of these teams are more strong and which one will remain in the league further. Apart from that, they both are in great form with a good number of victory matches.


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