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WWE SmackDown 23 April 2021 Results: Roman Reigns Challenges Daniel Bryan to Title Match


The newest episode of the WWE smackdown was nothing more than a letdown for many fans, as nothing, much really took place in the episode even though there was not anything wrong with the show, it went the way it was supposed to be but still, there is nothing much exciting about the latest episode of the smackdown.

WWE Smack Down 23th April 2021 Results

WWE SmackDown 23 April 2021 Results

Although there was a good match that took place which was between Apollo crews and Kevin Owens which happened for the Intercontinental Championship, Mysterious and Alpha Academy also had a match against each other which was fun to watch for the viewers. Also Cesaro and Roman Reigns are continuing with their drama for the WWE Universal Championship as the show was kicked off by Cesaro who tried to agitate the current WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns and the episode ended when Roman Reign came out to finally address the Swiss Cyborg’s challenge.

As Cesaro came out to kick off the show, he was doing his promo and was interrupted by Seth Rollins int the middle of his conversation that he was having with the fans as Rollins started flaunting about the fact that at the Wrestlemania 37 he was the reason that he finally gave the performance of his lifetime while fighting against him, he was throwing excuses about the rain delay that he sates is the reason of him not performing well in the match. Cesaro then went on to call Seth Rollins on the stage rather than standing so far way after which Seth Rollins started walking towards the ring but suddenly Jey Uso’s music starts to play and he also came down towards the ring stating that Cesaro has failed to beat Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns as they both gather to pick a fight with Cesaro and just before the fight was about to go down, Daniel Bryan enters the situation and states that Cesaro deserves a shot at the belt and further stated that Roman Reigns is nothing but a product of nepotism, just after which Roman Reigns music hits as he walks down towards the ring with Paul Heyman as Jey Uso immediately changed sides and stood with Roman Reigns as Rollins watched it happening as Reigns went on to call Daniel Bryan and Cesaro a bunch of losers which set up a match between Daniel Bryan and Cesaro vs Roman Reigns and Jey Uso as the match ended off as Daniel Bryan and Cesaro went on to defeat Reigns and Uso.

The next match happened between Tamina and Nia Jax in which Tamina came out as the winner even though the match was dominated by Nia Jax, Then the match took place between Apollo Crews and Kevin Owens for the intercontinental championship in which Apollo Crews defeated Kevin Owens but it took a lot of work for him to defeat him.

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