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WWE Raw Monday Night Raw Results: Winners, Grades, Twitter Reaction and Highlights for June 14


WWE RAW has been one of the most popular show when you talk about Television but it seems like that the viewership of WWE has fallen drastically and that is simply because of the popular wrestlers who have left the show as they used to carry it but now youngsters are trying to hold on to the fans which have been difficult for them lately, keeping that in mind let us what has happened in the latest RAW edition.

WWE Raw Monday Night Raw Results

WWE Raw Monday Night Raw Results

It seems like that there is going to be a final drama before the hell in a cell happens as this Sunday the show makers have made sure that the storyline goes as planned as this is the final time that the wrestlers are going to see each other before the hell in a cell, on Monday the show featured Eva Marie which after many weeks of packages of the video as they have been trying hype up her comeback and they are going to be putting Naomi as the first opponent for her.

Charlotte Flair vs Nikki Cross

Winner Name: Nikki Cross

Jeff Hardy vs John Morrison

Winner Name: John Morrison

Cedric Alexander vs Jeff Hardy

Winner Name: Jeff Hardy

Naomi vs Piper Niven

Winner Name: Piper Niven

RK-BRO vs New Day

Winner Name: RK-BRO

Asuka vs Rhea Ripley

Winner Name: Rhea Ripley

This week’s Raw also had Drew McIntyre, it had AJ Styles and even the new Day went on to fight it out with Randy Orton and with Riddle which was a tag team match which is interesting to see as Randy and Riddle are not that great of friends and seeing their coordination is going to be pretty interesting.

The first match was between Charlotte and Nikki Cross and it seems like that the match was not being taken seriously by Charlotte as she was not taking the match seriously which turned out to be costly for Charlotte as she lost the match by count-out.

Then the next match which was between John Morrison and Cedric Alexander as they go against Jeff Hardy, the match has many ups and downs and it seems like that the match was being stretched for too long and then it came to a point when Jeff Hardy won the match.

The matches went out this way and many of the matches were just not up to the mark and this shows that WWE is really struggling to hold on to their prime viewership as the show is not at all interesting at this point in time which is making the makers of the show more desperate to make thing more and more interesting which is not helping out the show at all.

The main event happened between Viking Raiders and Drew McIntyre as they went on against Omos, AJ Styles, and Bobby Lashley, the match was overextended which was irritating, to say the least, the match should have been finished about 10 minutes earlier as the match went on for 40 minutes which was not at all necessary, the match ended as a win for Viking Raiders and Drew McIntyre.

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