RAW Results: Before diving into the RAW results let us inform you that Michael “The Miz” Miazanin and John Randall Hennigan are two names who were Kicked off RAW with the channel Miz Tv and For the RAW Women’s Championship night the guest was Charlotte Flair. Before Rhea Ripley and Nikki Cross reach the championship stage or in the ring, Charlotte used to talk about them and she told everyone that in the last week we have seen that Nikki cross was defeated Ripley, hence there might be a chance of her win again.

WWE Raw Monday Night Raw Results

WWE Raw Monday Night Raw Results Highlights

Later Nikki gives a statement in which she has been claimed that as she has won the winner of the “Hell in Cell” title then she must be praised with the Gold shot.

After this, there was a challenge goes on between the players as Ripley accepted her failure and she says that she will be going to prove herself in today’s championship. Then Nikki uses to taunt her as she has been asked that I challenging you again so get ready to lose the championship. Nikki’s words offended Ripley and she accepted the challenge by saying that I’m ready for the challenge as I can beat you in a minute.

This has been turned into a catfight before a challenge. which was enjoyed by the audience.

The drama didn’t stop her and it got worst when Nikki use to slapped Charlotte in his face, after this he has been become angry and claimed that the match will be going to take place between them tonight.

In the challenge Nikki vs Charlotte, Nikki somehow manages to stay in the match with her tricks. She was amazing and we can also say that she was smart enough to pocket a win for herself.

Result: The result of the face-off between Nikki vs Charlotte, is in the favor of Nikki Cross. Yes, Nikki Cross proves herself and she did it again. Nikki Cross wins the “Beat The Clock Challenge” by defeating Charlotte Flair.

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