Home News WSU Student Stabbed To Death At Residence, 29-Year-Old Man Arrested

WSU Student Stabbed To Death At Residence, 29-Year-Old Man Arrested


There is a piece of sad news as a 24-year-old studying at the Walter Sisulu University has been stabbed to death by another student which happened because of an argument which they were having with each other on Monday night, this took place in a student residence in Southernwood in East London.

WSU Student Stabbed To Death

WSU Student Stabbed To Death

Captian Hazel Mqala who is the spokesperson of the police has stated, there is a 29-year-old student who has been arrested for the murder of the student, she has further stated, the incident happened at 8:00 pm when the deceased was dealing up his room, it has been stated by captain Mqala,

The victim got offended by his comment and they started fighting out each other who were eventually separated by the other students, she further stated when the victim went back to his room, the accused returned back with a knife, the victim grabbed a scissor in order to defend himself and the fight continued on and it hot escalated to a point where the victim got stabbed with the knife twice during the course of their fight.

After which he fell to the ground and then the suspect along with the other students took him to the hospital where it was declared that he has died because of the injuries, the 29-year-old was wounded by minor injuries and from there he was taken to custody for the interrogation.

He is at the Fleet Street Police in the holding cell and he is going to be appearing in the court for the charge of murder pretty soon. The name of the deceased has not yet been revealed but it has been confirmed by WSU that he was a 3rd-year student at Human Resource management. The university has also stated they are against such violence and it seems like after it gets proven in court that he is guilty, the 29-year-old suspect is going to be suspended from the school, the name of the suspect and the victim hasn’t been in the public domain as of yet.

It is insane how someone can kill another person over an argument and a small fight, the whole situation could have been avoided by the 29-year-old but it seems like he wanted to make his miserable and there is no going back from this point onwards for him, it is said that a gut who was just 24 years old has died in the situation, he was too young and must have had so many dreams and admiration which have died with him, our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the deceased.

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