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World Strongest Man 2021 Results and Leaderboard: Tom Stoltman Leads From Front Reached in the Finals!


The event has happened for the World’s strongest man and the event is in the history books and the 2020 world’s strongest man runner up Tom Stotlman showed class in the event as he was truly phenomenal as he has scored first place in the event and he went on to carry the momentum in the second event and he came out on top. the top 10 finalists were given a task as they had to rotate a 30-ton train which they had to do around a wooden turntable that was gigantic in size.

World Strongest Man

World Strongest Man 2021 Results and Leaderboard

The giants did their best as they took an approach of having prowler push position as they went on to place their upper chest to a horizontal bar as they took on the task to rotate the locomotive built which has been made in the year 1875 and it was made by J.W.Bowker, the score was decided through the time that the athletes took to rotate the train around and the event was something next to astonishing as the athletes did amazing in the event, the time cap that was given to the athletes was 75 seconds and the temperature that was at the time of the event was 95 degrees.

The result of the event for the titan’s turntable is as follows-

  • Tom Stoltman-46.89 Seconds
  • Trey Mitchell-52.34 Seconds
  • Eythor Ingolfsson Melted-52.83 Seconds
  • Maxime Boudreault-55.16 Seconds
  • Luke Stoltman-55.94 Seconds
  • Brain Shaw-56.73 Seconds
  • Adam Bishop-57.78 Seconds
  • JF Caron-57.84 Seconds
  • Konstantine Janashia-60.15 Seconds
  • Bobby Thompson-62.31 Seconds

The athletes showed heart in the event and they have shown that they are amazing athletes and it seems like that the event has been a huge success and the competition was truly phenomenal as it was about a fraction of seconds that has decided the rankings in the event, there are going to be more events and it seems like that the athletes are fully motivated and they are going to put everything on the line as they have been doing so in the event. there are about 4 events that are still left in the event and today is going to be day 2 for the event as there is going to be a Knaack deadlift, there is going to be a log lift and the last event is going to be the atlas stone.

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