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Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot Confirms Joss Whedon ‘Threatening’ Her Career on Justice League


There have been speculations about the director Joss Whedon who is going to direct the new wonder woman movie as it has been said that he has tried to threaten the career of the actress Gal Gadot.

Gal Gadot

and the same has been confirmed by the actress that the director indeed tried to threaten her career as she claims that he has said that if she tries to do something then he is going to make sure that her career becomes miserable.

The reports were considered as speculations only until Gal Gadot herself confirmed that the director has indeed tried to threaten her career, there have been speculations that are some differences between the leading actress and the director as Gal Gadot has said that she has some disagreement with him about the character’s development in the new movie as she has stated that the character that she has played in the Petty Jenkin’s directed movie was a lot different to what Joss Whedon is trying to make it.

This is not the first time that the director has been accused of unprofessional and rude behavior, he has been accused a few times of the movies that he has directed, he had to be brought for the franchise as Zack Snyder has left as the director because of some family issues that he has been facing in his personal life as he has left in the middle of the work, even Ray Fisher has stated that he has faced some issues with the director Whedon on the sets of Warner Bros Films.

The director has refused to comment on the situation and a very strong source has claimed that Gal Gadot is in disagreement with the director as she thinks that the character is being portrayed as more aggressive than it is and she thinks that the character is getting developed in a wrong way but it seems like that the director is just not eager to listen to the actress and is even threatening to make her career miserable.

and now the actress has confirmed that she is facing issues with the director and has confirmed that the director has threatened her career by saying that he is going to make her career pretty miserable but she took care of that on the spot as she has stated in a statement that she gave in an interview. This is pretty insane that a director can stoop this low just to prove his point and being so self-centered and ignoring the fact that he can be wrong about things, rather than listening to the actress who played the role for so many years, he is trying to threaten her with such low life statements, it is such a shame if this is true.

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