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Woman Falls Overboard Carnival Cruise Ship: Victim, Name, and Photos on Reddit


Woman Falls Overboard Carnival Cruise Ship: Victim, Name, and Photos on Reddit: A piece of news is coming into the highlights that have shocked everyone deeply. The news is about the Carnival Miracle cruise ship on which the passengers were warned that someone had fallen overboard on Saturday morning. The news has been going viral on social media platforms and several people have reacted to it immediately. The passengers were worried after getting the warning. Some sources revealed that a woman fell overboard a Carnival cruise ship. People have been searching for all the details related to the matter. In this article, we are going to tell you all the details about the matter so stay tuned. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Woman Falls Overboard Carnival Cruise

Woman Falls Overboard Carnival Cruise

On Saturday morning at around 03:30 am, passengers on the Carnival Miracle cruise ship were woken up to the warning that someone had fallen overboard. The passengers of the cruise ship were in the middle of the three-day trip to Ensenada from the Long Beach Cruise Terminal. As per the reports of CBS Los Angeles, A Norther California firefighter pracademic on board the ship, Daniel Miranda said, “Someone has lost their life, whether it was done by accident or by foul play I don’t know, there is some high suspicion of foul play.”

An outlet said that several passengers are also concerned about the foul play after the woman fell from the fifth-floor balcony of her stateroom. There were 12 decks on the Carnival Miracle cruise ship. Miranda added that there were several people who were worried about the incident it was about someone’s life and “that’s a high likelihood that this person will not be found alive.” After more than 30 hours of searching, the Coasts Guard has stopped their efforts on Sunday. They have done their best to get crews out on small boats and rescue them and start a search.

Woman Falls Off Cruise Ship

After the incident that took place on Saturday morning, Carnival has issued a statement stating, “We advised Carnival Miracle guests this morning of an overboard incident involving one of our guests from the balcony of her stateroom.”  The United States Coast Guard was assisted by the Mexican Navy in their search. There is not much information is available about the incident. Also, there are no details have been revealed about the woman who collapsed. We are waiting for further details about the woman and the incident, as soon as we get anything regarding this, we will let you know for sure. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

There is a case that has come into the eyes of the public, it is about a woman who fell from a Carnival Cruise Line ship balcony and into the Pacific Ocean on early Saturday, spurring an international search effort, the incident happened shortly after 3:00 am. Aboard a Carnival Miracle ship which is near Ensenada in Mexico which was captured on security video, it has been stated by the US Coast Guard that the passengers were notified shortly after, this has been stated by Josh Zuflet who was a passenger in the ship.

Woman Falls Overboard Carnival Cruise Ship Name

The ship came to a near-complete stop around 3:30 am as the crew members dropped a lifeboat into the water, this has been stated by Zuflet, the Coast Guard crews were working with the members of the Mexican Navy in order to find out about the woman who appeared to be in her 20s. It has been stated by the Carnival Cruise Line that the ship was released after having assisted with the search and continued on to Ensenada, about a 90-minute drive from the US border. “Our thoughts are with the guest and her family, and our Care Team is providing support,” this has been stated by the Carnival in a statement.

Woman Falls Overboard Carnival Cruise: Victim, Name, and Photos

The ship had the schedule of returning to Long Beach as scheduled on Sunday in the morning, this was stated by the cruise line, according to the website of the company, the Carnival Miracle accommodates more than 2,100 guests and 934 crew members. It sails from Long Beach, San Diego to Alaska, Hawaii, and Mexico, trips are two to more than 10 days it seems like there is not much stated about the whole scenario as of this point time, it seems like there are going to be further revelations in the case in the coming days and weeks.

There are a lot of informative points which are going to be stated by the authorities in the coming days and we are going to be on our toes to provide you with further details as soon as something comes under our radar. We are going to be back with the updates.

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