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Woman Dies From Crate Challenge: Dallas Woman Severely Injured After Attempting Tiktok’s Crate Challenge


A Milk Crate Challenge is going viral on Tik Tok and this has been creating buzz over social media. People are stacking up a ladder of almost eight Milkcrate and they are seen trying to climb this crate. In which they are trying to show that they can climb this without even falling a one. This sets a trend on Tik Tok and the user is now trying this out. So let’s know more about it.

Woman Dies From Crate Challenge

Woman Dies From Crate Challenge

The challenge is now criticizing online on social media platforms after there is an increase in the rate of numerous injuries. The challenge plays by a Tik Tok user is easy but some of the users trying to make it more challenging and will be seen falling from the ladder of eight Milk Crate. Some are appreciating it while some are against it as it also causing severe injuries. Users are excited to perform these challenges but before give it a try, first read the full article.

Shooting Breaks Out During Crate Challenge Video

The people were shot while a drive-by shooting took place in Shreveport, Louisiana, this video goes viral on Twitter.  While a group of people was busy shooting a video a car comes there and it got fire suddenly.

A man will be seen trying to climb a Milk Crate before listening to gunshots and meanwhile, a group of people was seen disperses suddenly. A man who is busy filming shouts “Get my Gun, Get my Gun” and he used to takes an active begins that vehicle. The incident took place on 22 August, on West 70th Street in the evening.

Three People Were Reportedly Shot

A man died in an incident whereas another man was found wounded and a woman in a car also founded dead. All three were the only victims of the drive-by shooting which is happened outside Linwood Public Charter School.

Police stated that “A man who was driving is trying his best to drive away from the incident spot but he realized that the woman in car has died so he failed to do so.”

People took to Twitter and created over this. They are now criticizing a challenge as it turned into a devastating incident. As three persons lost their life. The incident occurred at 5:36 pm. Whereas there are so many things which are yet to be cleared. So, stay tuned to us to grab more details once they have been updated.

Dallas Woman Injured After Attempting Tiktok’s Crate Challenge

A trend is getting viral on Tik Tok, named Milk Crate challenge, but this is the most dangerous challenge to be performed as it caused more harm to the performers. You might be wondering that there is nothing dangerous in performing these challenges but as you will get to see the videos there is a lot of crying over a spilled milk carte challenge. Well, this trending Milk challenge took the internet along with hospital bills of the user those are seen performing it. We can say this as the challengers are facing serious injuries by playing this challenge.

To perform a challenge you need Eight Milk Crate and then you must need to be set up like a ladder. After this all you have to walk on them step by step. Finally, you are all set to complete the changeling. But it isn’t as easy as it looks. People are going through lots of serious injuries and they are paying bills in hospitals. They start a changeable by thinking of “to best foot forward but ending it at their worst.” People are falling from these Milk crates miserably and many are in the hospitals. So there are multiple people who are seen failing in completing the changes with severe injuries.

There are rumors floating on Twitter that a woman from Dallas has been died after performing the most trending crate challenge. But let us inform you the truth that she hasn’t died, she is still alive and this is just a rumor. Well her name is still unknown. She is admitted to a hospital as she has some severe injuries.

The news of her being alive is confirmed by Dallas police as they reached the hospital to confirm where she is alive or not.

In the video, we can see that she was performing a challenge outside a gas station and she falls on the concrete floor. After which she bleeds from her head.

On Twitter, you will get to see that people are rumoring about her death and telling her to not try this as it can take their life.

A user tweeted, “, I just watch a video on FB that a woman of Dallas tried a challenge and she has been passed away. But a joke must be over now, right?”

Stay tuned to us to get more updates on the same.

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