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Wodonga Homicide: Man dead in Wodonga homicide


Wodonga Homicide: Man dead in Wodonga homicide: We have got to know about a crime scene which has happened in Wodonga. This news is picking up its speed and making headlines on the internet, citizens who know about the incident have been shocked and who are still unaware of this crime in Wodonga are eager to read about this shocking and breaking news of this time, so we have decided to give you a full insight of this crime saga and make you more knowledgeable with this article follow this article till the end kill your curiousness regarding this criminal case. Read down the page. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

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Wodonga Homicide

This crime scene was set up in Wodonga on the border of Victoria and NSW (New South Wales) which is 300 kilometers away in the northeast direction from Melbourne in Australia. In this crime saga, a man was found mortally injured in the early morning of Sunday, reportedly he got very deep wounds in his body which later become the reason for his death as his body was not able to sustain the pain of the wounds and injury. Officials remarked this case a homicide. Read the below-placed sections to know more about this homicide case.

Wodonga Homicide Details

An investigation has been initiated by the Victorian Homicide Squad for this case. However, the victim has not been identified by the officials, they are looking into the case and trying hard to find something related to the deceased man and following all the steps of the investigation procedure. According to the police statements, the victim was attacked around 3 AM on Woodland St, and the victim stopped breathing just after the attack and was declared dead on the spot by the official team. Detectives are trying to reach the victim’s family but they have not found any lead in this case but the investigation is on in its full flow.

Police staff is eager to communicate with any witness of the case or anybody who has CCTV footage of the crime scene said by Victoria Police. Police added that this case came just after a string of murder cases this week in Victoria. One of those cases is of mother and daughter, both were stabbed to death by the same person reportedly the man who stabbed the mother and daughter dua was their husband and father respectively. Police officials have released a helpline number to stop the crime in the city, people can reach the Victoria Police on 1800 333 000 in order to stop the crime.

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