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Winter FLU Tests UK: Home Flu Tests Could Be Launched To Combat Feared Surge In Covid Cases


It is being stated there are going to be home flu tests that are going to be launched this winter in order to fight the feared surge which can be seen when it comes to the number of cases. It seems like ministers are pretty worried about what is going to be happening for the people who are suffering from the flu. One of the victims of the flu has stated, he or she was suffering from Covid but then they tested negative so they never bothered to seek treatment.

Winter FLU Tests UK

Winter FLU Tests UK

This can cause you to become pretty seriously ill which is going to make you end up on a hospital bed which is going to be putting too much stress and is going to overload the NHS.  it has been stated, 25000 people die every year because of the flu which includes the elderly for the most part which also depends on the severity of the strain and also on the effectiveness of the vaccine. but it has been seen in the month of January which is the prime month for the flu to happen when Covid was at its peak, flu cases have come down the lowest if we talk about the previous 130 years which is something strange to see.

It has been reported by the doctors, only 1.1 % of the people per 100,000 have been found positive from the flu as compared to the average of 27 people in the previous five years. it has also been stated by public health England that they have not picked up a single case of flu when we talk about the first seven weeks of the year because of the changes in the behavior.

But it seems like it has been warned by Chris Witty who is the Chief Medical Profesor about the surge in the cases of flu when we talk about winter, he has told this in a medical conference, the coming winter is going to be quite different then what we have seen over the years.

It has been stated, a free test of Coronavirus was being carried out by the pharmacies and there are talks which are happening with the owners of the pharmacies to help out the community when it comes to the flu tests, the result is going to be known in just 10-15 minutes which is going to involve swabbing either the throat or the nose.

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