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What Is Willow Pill Illness and Cystinosis Disease and Health Update Explained


What Is Willow Pill Illness and Cystinosis Disease and Health Update Explained: Willow Pill came as a transgender. She is also a famous personality now, whenever she participated in the television show RuPaul’s Drag Race. She appeared in the fourteen seasons of the show. Willow pill who came to be a transgender disclosed that she is facing a health relative problem now. She disclosed her health issues after being participated in the show. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Willow Pill

What Is Willow Pill Illness?

She is known as a hermaphroditic and she is famous for her style and for her unique charisma. Because of her, these unique style people are crazy for her. They don’t care for her gender because for being a fan of someone you don’t judge someone from her gender. She got lots of appreciation from her supporters, but when her fans listen to the news that she is facing difficulties regarding her health, that is very shocking for everyone. Her horrible, cheerful, and magnificent behavior have made her the central focus of the show. She got a lot of fans through the television show.

Willow Pill Cystinosis Disease Explained

When she published the article about her gender, she confirmed that she is transgender. At that time she also spoke about her health problem. She disclosed that for facing the illness Cystinosis. She also stated that, because of the illness, she is going through too much physical and emotional suffering. She always wanted to get free from this suffering.

She also confirmed that she is not only facing health issues regarding Cystinosis but she also admitted to suffering from medical PTSD, as a result of intensive treatment for all these years. She said she is going through the most struggling time of her life. Sometimes she thinks, why is she alive but she is strong and she did not lose his confidence.

The National Kidney Foundation describes the disease as an uncommon yet life-threatening ailment that often manifests in early childhood but affects patients throughout their lives. Cystinosis is a disease which cause by an abnormal buildup of a specific amino acid called cysteine. The disease is very dangerous as it can damage many parts of the body including the eyes, muscles, brain, heart, white blood cells, thyroid, and pancreas. She also accepted that she took more than 20 pills each year for the treatment of this harmful disease. She said that she realized that, she was transsexual after unpacking her medical trauma.

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