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Will Kirk Wedding Photos: ‘The Repair Shop’ Star Will Kirk Finally Marries with Fiance: Pictures


It seems like KIRK has taken to social media to reveal about him and the doctor who is his fiance, they have finally gotten married as there has been a beautiful ceremony, which happened after they were to cancel out their original ceremony which was planned for last year. He is known for ‘The Repair Shops’ naming Will Kirk, he has revealed he has finally tied the knot with his fiance who is a doctor as they had to postpone the wedding which was originally planned for last year.

Will Kirk Wedding Photos

Will Kirk Wedding Photos & Pictures

He has shared many of the snaps which were full of joy which is of their big day, the new bride and the craftsman were looking delighted as they made their way down the aisle which was a year later than they planned it. He went on to share the highlights of the wedding day with numerous snaps of his wedding, he was wearing a blue navy suit, Will was looking pretty handsome and his bride was grinning the whole time as they were walking down the aisle after they exchanged vows.

Will Kirk Wedding Photos

His wife was wearing a traditional V-neck which was a traditional white dress with lace sleeves, she was looking stunning in the dress as she was clutching down a bouquet of roses which were white. Friends and family were seeing throwing petals of flowers over the couple as the couple was grinning ear to ear about how special all of this feels.

Will Kirk Wedding Photos

There were also some snaps which showed the newlyweds couple in an intimate embrace and they were so cute together in the pictures and it was seen on their face, they were pretty happy about walking the aisle again after waiting for over a year because of the unusual circumstances.

Will Kirk Wedding Photos

He even came on BBC where he got all emotional about the whole situation as he stated they were supposed to get married in the month of August and it didn’t happen for them at the time. It seems like the whole cast was so emotional at the time seeing him wanting to get married to her as soon as possible which shows how much he loves her and it was just amazing to see them in those pictures which were really special for them and their friends and family.

Will Kirk Wedding Photos

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