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Will Connolly Egg Boy Defends Himself On Instagram Over Covid-19 Misinformation Posts


There have been several posts that have been shared by Egg Boy who is also known as Will Connolly who has shared posts that are pretty concerning as he went on to question the validity of many of the covid tests, Connolly is the same guy who egged Fraser Anning as a teen in the year 2019 and then he went on to become the National hero as he has shared many of the theories as he debunked many things about the covid tests which he has shared with his 326,000 followers on Instagram as he has claimed that they are probably not working and they might even make you pick up the flu which is a big concern.

Will Connolly

Will Connolly Egg Boy Instagram

It has also been stated as he was reading today that the center for disease and control has found out that the creator of the PCR test naming Kary Mullis who is a Nobel prize holder when we talk about chemistry has also stated the same thing, and it seems like that the post has been given so much backlash in recent times as he has started a new debate, well it is not new but he has given it a new perspective as he has come with facts that cannot be pushed aside just like that and it seems like that people are debating about what he has stated in the full fletched manner and there are going to be more details that are going to come out after this as the situation is going to be pretty crucial after what has happened.


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He has also stated about the Olympics as he has posted the picture in which it is being seen that the champions who won the medals in Olympics are wearing masks and he is stating that they have already been tested for about 100 times and they didn’t show up to the Olympics and worked so hard for over the years to wear a mask while they are holding the medal, And some of the things that he has stated are something to think about and we hope that the debate is taken in a healthy manner as there are many things that should be more clearer to the public.

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