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Will Alden die? ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 11 Episode 3 Explained


The most anticipated and popular web series “The Walking Dead” is back with its 11th Season and 3rd episode for the amusement of the fans. Watchers are keenly waiting to watch it and counted the days on their fingers and in this article we are sharing some information regarding the 3rd episode: Hunted of the 11th season of the series and this article contains spoilers too. It was a gloomy 3rd episode of the final season of the popular series. The beasts are more than just supplementary killing machines alongside the walkers and they come…scratch that, are literally quite crazy.

Will Alden die

Will Alden die?

The latest chapter sees an important part of the residues annihilated by the new foes on the block who make it their mission of life to take down Maggie (role played by Lauren Cohan). The episode begins with a savage attack that sees one of the beasts cut the throat of Cole while other nails numerous throwing blades into Duncan. Maggie runs away and finds shelter in a deserted mall only to be attacked by many beasts who achingly injured Alden (role played by Callan McAuliffe).

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 3 Review

However, she finds Negan (role played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to help with assisting the wounded survivor, the immensity of the injuries alludes he’s at the end of his tie. The trio makes their way to way a deserted church and encounters Agatha (role played by Laurie Fortier) and Duncan (role played by Marcus Lewis) only to watch Duncan surrender to his wounds while Agatha gets attack by a group of walkers later in a zombie attack.

With this, there are surely two demised in the episode already. The question is rising here about the run of Alden. With Negan and Maggie leaving him behind to make sure the larger goal of getting the amounts are met, chances are he won’t make it by the time augmentations come in order to rescue him. Other chances are he will maybe walk like a zombie soon or maybe be assassinated by one of the beasts who are persistent about wanting to murder Maggie.

Alden is improbable to be part of the forthcoming episode titled “Rendition”. The focus could be on Daryl (role played by Norman Reedus) and Dog. New episodes of the series “The Walking Dead” season 11 release Sunday after midnight PT/3 AM ET on AMC+.


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