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Why Youtuber Evettexo Fallen out With BeautyyBird Explained!


In the month of June 2021, Youtubers BeautyyBird and Evettexo bicker, and Evette just abode the entire drama in the new video. Both are well-known personalities in the world of beauty with Evettexo gaining around 778,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel and on the other side, BeautyyBird earns just over an abundance. While working in the same line both became best friends and usually displayed their friendship on their Youtube channels and on their Instagram. Though, the pair earlier bicker. The people were curious to know more about it and to make their search over here we are present with the details of the drama.

Youtuber Evettexo

Yasmin Declares The Bicker On Twitter

Yasmin is popularly known with their social media names Evette and BeautyyBird used to be best friends. Though on 1st June 2021, Yasmin comes on her Twitter handle and unveiled that they had bicker. She stated on her Twitter handle that “Evette and I had an argument at a personal level where I finally decided that the right and the best resolution for me to get separated and parted our ways and finish this friendship with a mutual understanding.”

Though, she did not give much information and the exact reason for their bicker and simply told that it was a “personal issue”. Though, she did close this discussion and gossips claiming that the quarrel was about the new cosmetic line of Evette and stated, “The matter was outside of their business outlook as I have always known about her upcoming cosmetic line.”


In another tweet, Yasmin then explained one more time, “This has nothing to do with her new cosmetic line and launch. I fairly wish her all the best and the for the upcoming success.” The exact reason for their quarrel is still not known yet. Though, Evette gave some more information in her recent video which she uploaded on her Youtube channel.

Evette Give The Details Of The Drama On Her Youtube Channel

For the past two months, Evette has used the Youtube platform to narrates the entire drama of their quarrel herself. The recent video which was uploaded this week has the title”clearing my name and moving forward,” Evette lightly touched upon the incident with Yasmin but did not clear anything or give particular information.

She informed that the bicker was not related to something “shady, toxic or horrible” that occurred and told it was just “something which should not be supposed to occur.” After that, she unveiled that the reason for their bicker was due to they mixed their friendship into their business” and gave the clue that the matter revolves around the father of Yasmin working as a contractor at her home.

Evette then stated that she wishes Yasmin should speak to her directly prior to declaring the bicker publicly on Twitter prior to telling her that the bicker also destroyed her EXO Cosmetics launch.

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