Why was POLO G arrested In Los Angeles? American rapper charges: As per the report given by TMZ on Tuesday evening, 7th September 2021, Polo was apprehended in the downtown area of Los Angeles. The charge was made on him that he was carrying a concealed weapon which is considered a felony. Seemingly, Taurus Barlett was a commuter in a car that was pulled over and later searched. While searching the motor vehicle, LAPD officers allegedly found a firearm. The name of the owner of the weapon is not known yet. As of the time of reporting, it is unknown whether or not Polo G is still in the custody of the police.

POLO G arrested

POLO G arrested In Los Angeles?

The vent also notes that a teenager was also in the car as well and has been hit with a similar charge as the “Rapstar” rhymer. Three months back, the 22-year-old rapper found himself facing a legal issue which is in Miami after leaving an event in commemoration of his third album titled “Hall Of Fame”. The rapper was taken into police custody on the morning of 12th June on the charges of resisting apprehend, battery on a police officer, menacing a public servant, and criminal mischief.

Polo was held on a $19,500 bond and get released from custody later that night. Polo and his younger brother were commuters in a motor vehicle that had been pulled over due to overly swarthy-tinted windows. The driver refused to make the car window go down when the police has given him the order and although other commuters willingly exited the motor vehicle, the rapper allegedly had to be forced out of the car.

The rapper was arraigned for striking an officer who also claimed to have sustained “several wounds attrition to the right upper area of the forehead, attrition to the area of the right chin and a swollen and slightly bruised area of the cheek.” The Chicago-bred artist arrest in the month of June was widely covered and criticized by his manager and mother, Stacia Mac, who unveiled on social media that her 16 years old son was also apprehended and Miami police would not informing the locations of her children.

She also requested her son’s admirers to contact the police due to the officers’ misappropriation for the arrest of her children. The Miami Police Department also informed on their official Twitter handle that they were aware of the incident and already conducting an investigation. Shortly after the rapper was released, he disclosed the incident online and also stated that one of the police officers suggested that they had been targeting Polo G and his crew following the coming to South Florida.


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