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Why was Fugitive Ethan Waters Arrested? Florida Man Ethan Waters Brian Laundrie Arrested


Why was Fugitive Ethan Waters Arrested? Ethan Waters Brian Laundrie, Florida Man Wanted: Ethan Waters is a fugitive who has been recently arrested while police were looking for Brian Laundrie and we are here with the story in order to clear your doubts, it seems like Brian Laundrie has been reported missing, it has been a month since the case was registered and the authorities are still trying to find him. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Ethan Waters Brian Laundrie

Why was Fugitive Ethan Waters Arrested?

It seems like he is well-hidden, fugitive Ethan Water who has been arrested for previous charges, he is said to be running away and he was hiding from the authorities, he has been arrested several times for different crimes, he was a suspect in a burglary case but it was later found out by the police that he was not involved in the crime and he got released. Why was Fugitive Ethan Waters Arrested? Florida Man Ethan Waters Brian Laundrie Arrested

Although he was charged with resisting arrest without any violence and he was then released from jail on supervised release and $500 bail, it seems like he has been arrested once again by the authorities, he was found possessing drugs and was also charged with contempt of court after he missed a court date.

Ethan Waters Brian Laundrie

According to the sources, he was being held at Sarasota County Jail on a $10,000 bond, it has been further stated by the State Attorney’s Office has stated, he has been arrested time and again for being unlawful. it has been stated by the defense lawyer that police are attempting to justify their unlawful behavior and called the police report fictional.

There has been no news of him after this, we are not aware as to why he was in the run this time, we are not aware of the crimes he committed, there are going to be official statements that are going to put things in perspective in the coming days and weeks. We will surely update you.

Ethan Waters Suspected As Brian Laundrie

As the clues were found, it was assumed by the police that Ethan Waters is Brian Laundrie, when the police tape went into the woods for the first time, they thought Brian Laundrie was residing in the area but it was another fugitive naming Ethan Waters who was there at the time and he got arrested again.

It has been reported by WFLA that the police tape went up near the North port side of the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park which is an access point to the Carlton Reserve.

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